LV Men’s Fall Winter 2019

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  1. Oh- my attention span was mininscule for this collection so I never caught on MJ was the spirit behind it.
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  3. July
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  4. Thank you!
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  5. The GLOW IN THE DARK BAG I AM DYING. I really really hope they make similar bags in a handbag variety. I am HERE for this cyberpunk future.
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  6. I wish they are not pricing it super high. My budget is only USD 6000.
  7. I much more prefer the soft trunks from the Spring collection over the vachetta one for the Fall. Too much brown lol
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  10. Such a cowardly move - all this in reaction to a film which is riddled with so many factual errors and bogus timelines. Laughable actually. Does anyone have a spine and check this stuff out? Or are we all mindless, media spoon-fed sheep? They should have just gone ahead with this collection, and those who wanted the pieces would have bought them, and those that didn’t, wouldn’t have - you know, much like the way consumers behave with every single other collection??
  11. He was an abuser. Pulling out this collection is the right thing to do.
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  12. I haven’t seen the film and have no opinion but I will say with the exception of your post, everyone else I know who saw the documentary was disgusted and outraged. Smart move on LV part. Better to have good publicity than bad.