LV Men’s Fall Winter 2019

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  1. Obsessed!
  2. Word on the street is 20k+ (In euro so probably 27k USD).
  3. Thanks! Good to hear that! Then I can forget about it, way too expensive.
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  4. nope. again. i wish the 2011 monogram or indra historique clutch would pop up. it the one that got away, and the more that comes out, the more i like before.

  5. About the same range as Dior's Chrome Sorayama Saddle, if I remember correctly. Collector's prices for sure.
  6. HUGE LV and MJ fan here so this collection was particularly exciting for me! Hopefully both the t-shirt with those iconic feet and the shirt with the characters from The Wiz go to production!

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    Credit to dlouisvdotcom. Not sure about the vachetta belt and the attachments. I suppose there are echoes of the metal detailing on some of Michael Jackson's costumes on tour. Thoughts?
    dlouisvdotcom - BsyppbAACXH.jpg
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    NEED. From LV's Insta.
    louisvuitton - Bs0X88tHBfp_Bs0X86ynyqu.jpg louisvuitton - Bs0X88tHBfp_Bs0X86xn500.jpg
  9. To whom are addressed those outfits?

    Is this the Abloh signature? A chain?

    I have no preconeptions (i have my preferences, obviusly) but i by far more impressed by the recent Monogram Galaxy, Titanium and Satellite (which are not Abloh afaik).

    LV for me is just coated canvas items (i avoid leather & co.) and i'm not really interested int their outfit, but i know nobody who would wear those outfits.
    But i'm just an ordinary and legal drug-dealer :biggrin:
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  11. It reminds me of the leather jacket on MJ's 'Bad' Album! At least the metal detailing does. I also know plenty of his jackets had belt details. The pouches though, that feels like mopuntain climbing gear.
  12. These are nice looking but given the previous version cost $13,600 USD plus sales tax here in US, I suspect this fw19 version will cost similarly which I feel is “a bit” on the high side. Had these be priced more “reasonably” at say $3,000-$4,000 USD, LV would sell a lot more of them... but we knew that already. :yes:
  13. Agreed! Did not expect it cost over 10,000 USD
  14. FW19 Utility Jacket. €4500. Credit to teng970580 and aghisalberti respectively for the pictures and dlouisvdotcom for the price.
    dlouisvdotcom - Bs20riSgRfa_Bs20rdOg9xY.jpg dlouisvdotcom - Bs20riSgRfa_Bs20rdPAL4C.jpg
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  15. The Monogram Backpack is €2400. Credit to jaylw for the picture and dlouisvdotcom for price.
    dlouisvdotcom - Bs4V4qZgjkZ_Bs4V4mHganW.jpg