LV Men’s Fall Winter 2019

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  1. This collection looks nice! So many cool accessories!
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  3. So chances are not high for mass production to hit the stores? I wanted one of those neon bags. :sad:
  4. I am really liking this collection than the previous one!
  5. I might have liked or hated some of his stuff from the previous collection, this show was a SHOW. Congrats.
  6. There will be plenty of the “cheaper” bags, including models that weren’t shown on the runway. Last summer, the Mono Glaze runway bags were hard to get upon release, but within a few weeks, many were available on the US website. If you like a particular bag, contact your SA now and let them know.
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  7. I haven't been the biggest fan of his work (particularly at Off-White) but Virgil nailed it on this one. Loving almost everything! I know all eyes are probably going to be on the Keepalls (I loved the look of the grey fabric Keepall), my heart skipped a beat with the soft Steamer and the Monogram Canvas backpack. :loveeyes: I need those little Monogram pochettes! Credit to lvj12.
    lvj12 - BsvdRFhhz84_BsvdRAbhMME.jpg
    lvj12 - BsvdRFhhz84_BsvdRAbBdnu.jpg lvj12 - BsvdRFhhz84_BsvdRAah4yI.jpg lvj12 - BsvdRFhhz84_BsvdRAaBjQE.jpg lvj12 - BsvdRFhhz84_BsvdRAYBAnF.jpg lvj12 - BsvdRFhhz84_BsvdRAXBoal.jpg lvj12 - BsvdRFhhz84_BsvdRAZhIi9.jpg lvj12 - BsvdRFhhz84_BsvdRAZhKMo.jpg lvj12 - BsvdRFhhz84_BsvdRAZBOl_.jpg
  8. So the "glow-in-the-dark" Keepall was Fiber Optic after all. From LV's Insta.
    louisvuitton - BswDRR5neol.jpg
    Fiber-optic wonder. A kaleidoscopic Keepall from @VirgilAbloh’s #LVMenFW19Show. Watch the full show now on Instagram or at
    Photo by @sicknethi
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  9. This is going to be the FW version of SS prism. What a great show! Take my money lol.
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  10. That sheer black Keepall :heart:
  11. I'd love to have that belt thing with the small monogram canvas goods
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  12. Neon bags were shown for KJ last collection but didn’t make into final production. I suspect it’ll show up for the fw19 collection. Given prices for see through PVC keepalls running $3850 USD, I would be very surprised the fw19 version doesn’t cross the 4k line. All you need to do I s contact your sa to have him or her submit your name to corporate. Depending how corporate want to play the game, they may have advance pop ups again at major cities like London/ Shanghai before July release. The pop ups in past October ended up opening to public so if you are not a Vic, you can purchase your neon bag then if it is produced. Good luck!
  13. I KNOW. :panic:
  14. That glow in the dark keepall looks really nice! Hope it is on production
  15. Didn't see a thread on this, so figured I'd start one. Seems neutrals, neons, LEDs, flags, and MJ. Photos courtesy of LV's instagram:
    From FoxyLV:

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