LV Men’s Fall Winter 2019

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  1. Maybe a dumb question, but. How do they determine which ones make it to production? And are they extremely limited if they do?
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  3. I do find a lot of the pieces interesting as well as the whole show.
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  4. I would love a Speedy like that.... Great for Swedish dark winters!!!!
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    Is that a papillon there at the bottom?! Loving it!
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  8. Wow, I am loving so many of these pieces. I think he did an excellent job.
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  9. i like the one jacket with the three zippered top pockets. the oversized puffy, "i can't stand the rain" clothes are beyond horrible.

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  10. I've watched it a couple more times, viewed the pictures and now I feel that as a show it had that cinematic quality I love to see, there was a story being told, it was quite beautiful. But as clothing, apart from that black and grey opening section, the beige flag pieces and the more monochrome sections, I'm not feeling that ultra luxe feeling. Although I know up close it'll feel quite spectacular. I do love those graphic sweaters though.

    Ya'll should watch Riccardo Tisci's instagram story, there's some funny stuff regarding this collection.
  11. Wow this detail from the Key Holder.

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  12. Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 4.16.24 PM.png
  13. That looks like fabric side panels! Amazing looking and beautiful but oh so not practical! But I guess that’s fashion
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  14. Typically sa will contact all VICs and ask what the interest are. And then submit that to corporate. It’s probably how they decide what gets produced or not. Also attendees will also submit their orders. How many gets produced depending on price point. Higher the price point, less of it gets produced for obvious reason. Typically a rtw piece that cost 10k or more might get one or two produced for a region (ie North America, Asia, Europe) per size. I mean after all, not many people are willing to buy a 20k jacket. Glaze trench from Kim Jones, I believe only one size each was produced for North American market.
  15. Oh man - this is beautiful!!!