LV Men’s Fall Winter 2019

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  1. Saw this in FB.....

  3. I have to say I’m slightly concern about the Michael Jackson theme. The rhinestone gloves kinda frightens me. I hope bags aren’t full of rhinestones. Rtw, well, it’s a given. But if we start seeing rhinestones on bags.... well, it’s hard to rhinestone a bag without it looking tacky. So crossing my fingers.... and hopefully he will surprise me in a good way tomorrow!
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  4. If their rhinestone in RTW...I wanna see! [emoji7]
  5. Well I want none of the items on runway. Good for my wallet! Lol
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  6. In my honest opinion, there are a few fashion brands out there that when I see their clothes or their runway shows, I don't want to be reminded of real life, of the street, I want to be taken on a journey; I want to be immersed in this encompassing fantasy world where there are no troubles or pain, where there is only beauty. I continually watch Galliano for Dior shows for this very reason. That immersive experience. I want a certain elitism from the show, that feeling of "omg people actually have money to dress like this" and "people have money to spend on a completely unnecessary shearling lined leather guitar case". Louis Vuitton is one of those brands, but Virgil isn't giving me that; he's giving me "Off-White, but more upscale and 5x the price".

    1) With this LV money Virgil is capable of producing a very beautiful, very cinematic experience. With this show I'd say he's more suited to be a stage play or movie producer than an actual designer. But with the amount of things he does I wouldn't be slightly surprised if he makes a movie or play.

    2)The opening of grey and black was truly beautiful, managing to walk that line between Virgil's streetwear tendencies, and the über luxury I want to see from LV.

    3)His inclusivity and diversity is very much appreciated.

    I JUST WANT TO BE BREATHLESS WHILE WATCHING A SHOW. I want to want every single piece that walks out (and I did for that grey and black part, and the flag scarf). Unfortunately I left with "wow that set was detailed, and movie set worthy" but quickly forgot about the clothes.
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  7. Does anyone have photos?
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  12. I like that mono soft malle. In fact, I was originally planning on pursuing the current version with the orange and black hardware, but now I'm wondering if I should wait to see if this makes it to production...
  13. 3B66C221-7351-492D-BE48-87AB484F0768.jpeg
    The Glow in the Dark Keepall...

  14. Prefall 2019
  15. There were some interesting pieces. I liked the puffer outerwear the most.