LV Melrose Avenue

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  1. i say go with the blue nuit since the amarante attracts fingerprints
  2. I bought the amarante last month. Blue nuit didn't stand a chance next to it. N I use it with almost everything.
  3. Get the amarante! It's a gorgeous color :drool:
  4. Amarante! Cause this one is next on my list...hehehe

  5. "placing a t-shirt underneath to protect the bag" Oh, periwinky, you cracked me that is so like ME and my DH thinks I am

    Nope, not an LE bag. It is a relatively new design and will be around for a while but never know what LV might do depending on how much in demand it is. It is the first Vernis bag that has the patent leather on the handles though.

    I am looking into getting mine in Amarante soon! How do you find the you worry about the leather peeling and cracking with too much handling over time? I was very surpirsed at the price....I was expecting it to be more, not that I wanted to pay more of course but because it looks like a bag that would have costed more.
  6. Both are stunning - I think the Bleu Nuit has more pop. Good luck with your decision.
  7. I thought they will stop doing the blue nuit end of December. So do you think Melrose will only be available in the amarante after that? Or do you think they would bring out another color to replace blue nuit? I tried on at the KOP store and it is gorgeous but a little heavy. Anyone that has it feel the same way?
  8. Bleu Nuit.
  9. its cute! I would go with Amarante!
  10. Amarante is such a unique colour in different lights so that would be my pick. I also love purple so it's a no brainer... although I love the Bleu Nuit too!

    Let us know which you decide on! :biggrin:
  11. For me its not heavy.