LV Melrose Avenue

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  1. I like the Bleu Nuit.
  2. Bleu Nuit!
  3. I love both but I think it looks a little better in the Blue Nuit.
  4. IRL i fell in love with the amarante more.
  5. I've carried both; I lvoe amarante the most
  6. blue...but anything is stunning..
  7. ditto:biggrin:

  8. either color is nice, but not a fan of the bag.
  9. LVoe the style not keen on the colours!
  10. Bleu nuit ;) It's a great colour
  11. Love them both. I'm getting the amarante, it fits my wardrobe better.
  12. Both are beautiful but I'm currently in love with Bleu Nuit, so Bleu Nuit gets my vote :P.
  13. Blue Nuit.
  14. At first I thought bleu Nuit, now I'm in the same position as you.... Could Amarante be better? whew, decisions! Or, give it up altogether and go with Vert Bronze
  15. the bleu! gorg!