LV Melrose Avenue

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  1. love it too but its too big on me :sad:
    get the amarante!
  2. I'm getting the Bleu Nuit so that gets my vote!
  3. Ohhhh hard choice!!! Do you have anything in Amarante? If not, I think I would go for the amarante
  4. In amarante, I only have a coin purse. I LOVED the color when it came out but there wasn't a handbag style at the time that I loved. I remember that it showed finger prints and needed to be wiped frequently.

    Has anyone seen it in person? Our local LV store doesn't have it in yet. I'm curious as to kingkoreaswifey comment about it being too big. I'm petite so big bags look really big on me. My biggest bag is the Galleria PM or Batignolles Vertical.
  5. I'd pick the amarante...just gorgeous! But the bleu probably has more of a "wow" factor.
  6. bleu nuit
  7. I would go for the Bleu Nuit... it's really quite a stunner.
  8. I like the bleu nuit!
  9. I love amarante, but in this style I would go with the Bleu
  10. I like the aramante!:nuts: Please get one and post pics soon.:yahoo:
  11. i'm just abt 5 ft so it looks like im carrying a briefcase or something :pout:
  12. Another vote for blue nuit:smile:
  13. lol..this is so difficult because I love both amarante and bleu...for now, I think Melrose looks better in bleu :P
  14. Bleu Nuit! This color is stunning.