LV MC to be discontinued

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  1. Just spoke to a rep at ELUX and they said that the LV MC line is slated to be discontinued. Anyone else hear this?

  2. Any idea of when?
  3. They didnt say.

  4. holding my beautiful wallet tightly

    So, will I regret not getting that Trouville, especially when they are selling them on eBay for $3000? Hmmm.
  5. Interesting....wonder if the demand for them will increase now? I've always debated whether or not I liked MC pieces. I tend to like the smaller accesories rather than the actual handbags.
  6. Yeah I think I might have to get the pochette now.
  7. Thank GOD! But that's what they said when it first came out! They called it "limited edition" and A LOT of people, including myself, were pissed that they kept producing MC pieces. Hopefully, they will keep their word this time.:smile:
  8. Seems weird that they would discontinue it when the MC Noe JUST came out.
  9. huh?
  10. i was at the LV boutique the other day and i saw tons of new MC bags slated to be released so the fact that they would be discontinued seems very odd to me.....why come out with 5 new styles when the line is going to be discontinued?.......
  11. I talked via live chat with eluxury myself looking for a key chain and they told me the whole line will be discontinue for sure but she couldnt give me a time frame. check it out
    for yourself.:sad2: I did however point out to the rep that they have added a new bag to the line, but she still said it will be gone at some point.:sad:
  12. Hmmm....if that's true then I MUST max out the credit card...I really like the new noe!
  13. Interesting, I thought that it was going to be a permanent collection. I really like the MC agenda, going to have to put that on my list before this happens.
  14. I still want to get my mom a mc speedy 25 :sniff:
  15. maybe they meant that they will stop selling them on eluxury.