LV MC petite Noe - fake and real ?

  1. i'm so happy that LV realease new MC petite Noe , but i have a question for everyone , who bought this bag ( from eluxury & LV boutique ) about datcode and made in..... ? I saw 2 bags on Ebay and datecode is :VI 1001 ( the can't see exactly the last number in the pic , i think it's 1 ) .
    But one bag is made in Spain and one bag is in France . I don't know where authentic MC petite noe made in ? can someone help me?:cry:

    here is picture of the bag made in france
    Picture 442_edited.jpg Picture 445_edited.jpg
  2. I think the last number in the pic is 5. I could be wrong.
  3. It looks like a '5' to me too.
  4. i think it could be a number 1, it's either that or a 5 - it's been distorted by the person holding the fabric.
    I could be wrong though... x
  5. It looks like a 5 to me, but i could be wrong.
  6. It could be made in either place.

    What disturbs me is, if it is actually VI 1001, that would imply the bag was made in 2000 which is highly unlikely since it is a new release..
  7. The interior lining looks really bad...I'm not sure if it's supposed to have that reflection (if any) on the plush Alcantara...and it's supposed to be Raspberry...that looks more red than raspberry..

    or maybe it's the flash...
  8. I don't even think that's real. The colors don't look right to me. Also, what's up with that brown envelope? I only see those with fakes.
  9. Agreed. Too sketchy to risk it !
  10. yeah , i've checked with fake louis vuitton bags on ebay , almost of them have the same envelope . WTF . seller use the real invoice of eluxury to sell a fake bags by asking 1200$ @_@ .
    How do you think about this noe bag ?
    I'm asking her about datecode . This bag looks like a real one but i'm not sure .
    hic , i'm getting sick about thoes bag . Hope Eluxury support international shipping *sign*
  11. The second one looks good to me...better than the first one...the fonts on the tags are so off...
  12. Earlier...the last number is a 5. The last link posted is an authentic bag. I hope you get one....I totally love this bag!
  13. I want one of those SO BAD!!! Are they sold out in stores already?:amazed:
  14. i saw this bag is still available on eluxury .

    Seller of 2nd link sent me more info about her bag today , so datecode is CA 1105 and this bag is made in Spain . :smile: :blink: