LV MC Leather Trim

  1. OK I am reading stuff about the trim on the MC's spotting, etc. I just got 3 new, or almost new LV's to start my collection. Is there something I can put on the trim to protect it? How about on the bag itself? Thanks.
  2. All LV trim, vachetta trim can spot. Search for vachetts, leather protector or apple guard or shinning monkey and you'll find lots of suggestions. :smile:
  3. You can treat the leather, but my SA told me you shouldn't. A lot of people do, I don't and the leather on my MC collection seems to be fine.
  4. Same here, Michelle. My SA told me that any treatment you do to it yourself voids the warranty (typically 6 months to a year, depending on your store's policies) since you "altered" the piece in some way.
    I don't treat mine..I've had my MC Alma since early 2004 and it's still gorgeous. All my other pieces have patina-ed evenly with no problems whatsoever.
    Plus, my mom has had her bags since the late 80s and obviously never treated them..they're completely gorgeous and also patina-ed evenly. No waterspots, etc. and she was never really gentle on her bags, either.