LV MC Agenda

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  1. What do you all think of this?

    Amanda's recent Vernis agenda purchase has got me wanting an agenda, and I think an MC one would be kinda fun :biggrin: What do you all think about the condition? It doesn't come with the refills, how much are they? Maybe I would be better off purchasing one from the LV boutique?

    Hmmm, I might go and look at the Vernis agendas tomorrow. I think it's finally time I start keeping a day planner... I'm tired of having little sticky notes in my bag saying "Hair appointment, February 18, 2p!" :P

    For those of you who have an agenda, do you find it useful and does it work at helping you stay organized? Any opinions would be appreciated!
  2. I have that on my watch list, but I just got a wallet instead. That agenda is authentic and in great condition.

    I saw someone on eBay selling the agenda refills for buy it now $99 so that got me worried. I wonder if you can get refills that would fit it at like Office Depot?
  3. I was thinking the same thing. The refills don't necessarily have to be LV, I could always try to find ones that fit at Office Depot. I'm going to keep watching it, maybe it won't go too high.
  4. Love the agenda.

    I've actually started using an agenda only this year, and it really helps me organize my life. Of course if I lost it now, I'd be clueless ! I'm planning on buying one/making my parents buy one for my grad present !
  5. 3 minutes left!!! Go get it! Its in great shape!
  6. Good price!!!
  7. I have an Epi small agenda in black that I stole from my husband (hehe)..I find it useful as I jot down notes, addresses, or things that my mom wants when I go grocery shopping. I also keep business cards in my agenda...As for refills, I have looked around and couldn't find any...So I kept on checking Elux and finally got the refills (they tend to go quick) The refills for my small agenda ran about 16 bucks.
  8. Thanks everyone! I decided not to bid on it, and instead go and look at the Vernis agenda in framboise tomorrow at the LV boutique. The small ring agenda is $280, to me worth the $100 for a brand new one. The MC agenda is cute, but I love the new framboise color and I've been wanting something from the Vernis line for a while, but wasn't sure if I wanted a bag or other small leather item. It did end at a good price! Lucky for the person who won, they got a great deal.

    I'm excited to go look at the Vernis one tomorrow. Ha, I've never been so excited about organizing my life :P
  9. It will be a great purchase! I love to live moment by moment keeping it all a suprise.:lol:
  10. Cristina -

    I've had a Monogram Canvas LV organizer for about 3 years now....medium size (I think that is what it is). I love it, and use it for everything! I've tried Palm Pilots, etc., but found that I like writing things down better. For refills, I use Filofax....great prices and agenda accessories ( They make everything for an agenda you can imagine. I think for the price of a LV refill (calendar), I can get a Filofax weekly calendar, index tabs, credit card/business card holder, expenses register, and notes pages. Just an alternate suggestion for the refills.
  11. It's ok a brand NEW framboise is all worth it!
  12. I'm sold! :lol: I'm bookmarking the Filofax Web site. I wonder if I could order the inserts through our office supply catalog at work, too. I'll check it out tomorrow, we get a great corporate discount.

    serendipity - I'm normally like you, but things are so hectic lately, especially at work! I'm the only one in my department, since my boss is having neck surgery and will be out for 6-8 weeks. I'm in charge of planning a huge corporate event for 1,300 people :wacko: I never thought I'd need a planner, I normally don't have much of a life to need one :lol:
  13. I have one. I am just as disorganized as I always was. I bought mine from "let-trade" on ebay.
    I really want an MC too.

    I tried to purchase an EPI one Mandarin but can you believe that color only comes in certain sizes? Doesn't come in the size I wanted. I ended up buying my mother a beautiful red/rouge EPI agenda.

    I need one size up from Medium & those are hard for me to find in MC too. I don't want that Huge one.

    I think you're on the right track though. :biggrin:
  14. Work the corporate discount if you can!!
  15. i wanted to buy a lv agenda, but it really pissed me off that they are so expensive and still you have to buy the calendar extra. i bought a brown guccissima agenda instead and i love it!