LV Marketing Research - Is it my fault?

  1. Last year, I was invited to meet with an LV representative and a market research firm (and they paid me!) to look at current styles and offer feedback. It was here in NYC. I'd pretty much forgotten about it but then we've been speculating about all the bags that came out this year. Could I have been partially responsible for my own financial ruin?

    More importantly, did anyone else participate in this study? Just curious.
  2. ^^^^

    LOL, what did you tell them ???!!!!
  3. They showed me pictures of bags and asked me a lot of questions. Would I buy it? Order of preference and why. What would I like to see. I mentioned I wanted to see more unique styles like the cherry blossom, My guess is that other people did, too.
  4. What happened.
  5. do you recognise any of the bags you viewed now?

    You are so lucky to do all these fab Lv related things

  6. That's so cool that you got to be part of the research. How did they find you? They should have given you some swag too.

    Yes, please give us some details on what you saw.
  7. Wow, fantastic ! Don't know if they pick random people from their contact list, or are you part of a "testing" agency ?
    I don't think they'd care about my opinion as I haven't spent enough !! lol
  8. Whatever your input, it was GREAT, because we've had a fantastic last year of great new styles, etc...
    but we can't blame YOU for OUR obsessions !!!!
  9. how cool, I would love to attend one of those meetings.
  10. Oohhh, how neat!

    I wish I would get picked for stuff like this, but I never do :sad:
  11. Very cool!!

  12. There was no swag, just $150 for participating. The pics were bags already in existence -- some from the 2006 collection and the mono speedy and others I don't remember. No "concept" bags.
  13. Are you kidding? I still have no idea why they picked me. If I bought 2 bags a year back then, it was a lot. Maybe they were trying to figure out how to separate me from my hard earned $$$$.
  14. Wow that's cool! Wish I can participate in those types of events.
  15. Yeah, it's your fault. I blame you for my own financial ruin.:upsidedown: