LV Manon and new color Platine help please!!

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  1. Hi...I need help! Ok, for the first time I discovered the LV mini lin manon...but I also read that there's a new color called platine coming out. Do any of you have pictures of that color or what it is going to look like? Also what styles are going to be made with it? And when is it coming out?
    I don't live in the States but I am traveling to it in September...should I go ahead and buy the Manon (because I really like it) or just wait and see what the platine purses will look like and wait to buy one in that color? (since I l like silve better than dark brown)

    Thing is, if I dont' buy anything on my next trip, I am gonna have to wait for someone to travel or for another trip of mine because I can't have them shipped here, a purse could easily get lost :tdown:...someone help me please!!!!! Thanks!!! :confused1:
  2. It looks greyish silver with a hint of green. Im pretty sure it's coming out in the Manon pm and gm, not sure what other styles though.
  3. Have you seen it? When is it out? I am so desperate for a new bag!!! Thanks!!
  4. I saw it in the Look book...I think it's around October, the exact color of the Platine was really hard to see from the pics, hopefully some new pictures will be revealed soon!
  5. Oh ok, thank you so much for the info!!
  6. My SA told it's coming out either Oct. 01st or the 15th - I am on the waitlist for it. I too only saw it in the Manon PM & MM style.
  7. They did say it will come out in the Speedy after the Manon!! I can't wait! I'm dying to see it!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Apparently the mini lin platine is on the pics thread now - Labeladdict posted it but I can't see the picture - did any of you guys see it?? If so, anyway you can paste here so I can see please??
  9. YES!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited, let me look it up and I'll try and post it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wlae: