LV Mania at Disneyland!

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  1. Who needs rides when you get to gawk at all the LV eyecandy? :drool: In the one day I was there, I saw:

    -a Parioli in New Orleans Square
    -a repoter in line for the Storybook boat ride
    -a saumer lounging on a chair in the Orleans Cafe
    -a noe walking into a store
    -several speedies out and about
    -a Keepall 55 bandouliere slung across a stroller
    -a stuffed black Croisette outside Space Mountain
    -a BV buying popcorn
    -a severely abused BH in a candy store
    And standing in line for Pairates of the Carribean w/ a bunch of Japanese Tourists:
    -a Naviglio
    -an Azur Naviglio
    -a Belem MM
    -and a Le Fab (why someone would bring a $4K bag to Disneyland is beyond me but it was still gorgeous)

    Plus hordes of Dooney and Coach along with some nasty fakes- naviglio with patent trim, anyone?
  2. thanks for the LV gluttony report VO! and naviglio w/ patent trim? :throwup:
  3. Wow, you had some LV eye candy!
  4. oh, btw, I saw Amanda from ANTM working as a hostess at a restaurant in Downtown Disney lol
  5. Was Disneyland crowded? I've got a pass and been wanting to go, but hate it when it's super packed.

    Sure were a lot of LV's at Disney! And to see a keepall and a Le Fab!? That's crazy!:weird:
  6. it sounds like you had a great day.
  7. I went last Friday- it wasn't crowded at all. The most I waited for a ride was 15 minutes, even on the more popular rides.
  8. Ooooh I'm going to CA Thursday- Tuesday and am trying to figure out what day is best for Disney. Monday, maybe?? I'll be bringing my Coach swingpack since I don't care if I get grossness on it too much :p
  9. We'll be heading to disneyland at the end of this month. We'll be there for 4 days. I'm so excited. I think I'll use my denim flat pouch or bosphore while in the park.
  10. You'll be in good company- I saw tons of Coach swingpacks.
  11. It's so cute that you remember exactly where you saw all these bags.. :p

    But I have to say, I'd probably forget all about LV if I ever get to go to Disneyland! :sweatdrop:
  12. Oh that's really good for a friday! I might have to go sometime this week!:nuts: Been waiting for spring break crowds to go away so I can go a couple more times before summer.
  13. Le Fab at Disney, I never imagined! Thanks for the oogle report!
  14. you may have seen ME!!! how long ago did you go?
  15. ^^Last Friday :yes: