LV Manhattan PM & Mono Speedy-Too Much of the Same?

  1. Hi all,

    I don't post too much (I'm still kind of new!), but I love reading everyone's informed opinions. I have a Manhattan PM which I love to death am an considering getting a Mono Speedy 30 as well, but I wonder if that will be overkill or too much of the same--both mono, both handheld.

    Can anyone opine on whether this is a dumb idea? Does anyone have both? Does anyone think they are too similar/serve too much of the same function?

    Thanks much for any and all opinions!
  2. Nope...totally different looks. To me, the manhattan can be more dressed up....the speedy can go very casual or dressed up. Love the speedy!
  3. Speedy 30 will also hold more stuff!
  4. I've often thought the same thing! Although I love the Manhattan PM, as cute as it is, I'd rather spend less on a more classic Speedy. JMHO!!
  5. no definitely not overkill! they're completely different!
  6. I'm in the opposite situation.. I have a mono speedy 30 and I want a Manhattan! It's not overkill at all!
  7. Two completely different styles. If it's overkill then I'm guilty.
  8. totally different ... since you already have the manhattan pm, why not get speedy in damier, epi or even mc ... for a little variety?
  9. love the damier & have considered this too. (not the azur though! i love the way it looks but i am a filth magnet!)

    my favorite epi colors have been discontinued (i like the orange, yellow and green the best. the red is gorgeous but i usually wear gold jewelry and i think the silver hardware would irk me~although i never even notice/care when other people mix metals.)

    thanks for all these opinions everyone, keep them coming!
  10. I think they're totally different bags. Manhattan is dressier imo with the hardware while the Speedy is more casual. I'd get the Speedy as well.
  11. get both
  12. yay!!! this is what i needed to hear! in my mind it makes sense, but i needed to know from other bag aficiandos.
  13. I think you should get the Manhattan PM... just got mine today and LOVE it. Sorry for my bias, but it is a classic structured bag!
  14. Since theyre both mono and both handheld, why not get something damier for variety? Personally, I get easily bored with having 2 bags of the same pattern, unless the other is a shoulder bag which will serve a different purpose.
  15. oh we are bag twins! i have the manhattan PM too! i :heart: it big time. have had it about 2 or 3 years now. I was wondering if I should get a speedy as well!