LV manhattan GM, your thoughts?

  1. I've always wanted to purchase an LV bag. Today, I finally purchase my first LV bag. I bought the manhattan GM bag, cost me a fortune, in my opinion anyways. Never spent so much on any bag, but I love this bag. What are your thoughts. I feel kinda guilty on spending this much but hopefully that guilt will go away.
  2. How much did you buy it for? Is it the one that Paris Hilton's friend is carrying?
  3. I think the Manhattan GM is one of the hottest LV bags on the planet.
  4. Love it!
    Get it ...ahem....IG
    No guilt, it's a great bag & LV is timeless.
  5. Is this the one? I think it looks very good
  6. :yes:
    ignore the twit wearing it, that is a HOT!!!! bag.
  7. Congrats on your big buy!! : )
    I have the MJ Venetia, which this bag is based off of, and I find that the buckle and strap get annoying after a while...but other than that, it is roomy, and goes with everything.
  8. Yes Congratulations!!!!!!
  9. I bought it for $1,770, and yes it's the same one as what jessica simpson is carrying. My friends are giving me grief for spending this much on a bag. They keep telling me "Im crazy" for spending that much on a purse. They keep saying that no one will now the difference between spending $1,770 and spending much much less for a fake. I beg to differ!!!
  10. Honestly, my coworkers (guys) thinks all the women at the mall that carry a LV are fake. They said no one will pay that much for a bag.
  11. bhurry--your friends are jealous. Nuff said. : )
  12. Oh, and by the way, the friends that are the first to make comments about spending so much $$$ on a purse are usually the ones who want one really badly but just can't have it!! Enjoy your new babe!
  13. Differ differ differ!!! Most people CAN tell. It's your bag, enjoy it! I would love to have this baby.
  14. I agree!

    The Manhattan GM is great! I've always loved the look of it, so I say you should keep it. And I don't see many fakes of those around, though I'm sure they exist. :flowers:
  15. Congratulations and welcome, bhurry :flowers: ! I think the LV Manhattan GM is a beautiful bag :love: ! I have one, too, and I love mine! Like the other ladies have said, you can definitely tell the fakes from the authentic items. It's very, very obvious. The quality just isn't there. Enjoy your bag!