LV Manhattan GM vs. Chanel Lux Bowler?

  1. i'm trying to decide between one or the other. Which do you think is more classic? I do have an LV speedy, but I really love the GM design.... and the chanel is just classy.

    please help!
  2. I vote for the Bowler. It's a much "simpler" bag which I think lends itself to being a classic. The Manhattan has too much going on--but that's just my thought.
  3. I have both bags and love them. Since you do have the LV already, I would vote for the bowler. It is lighter and smaller. Neither really fit on your shoulder well (at least not with a coat on) so that can't be a deciding factor.. . .
  4. I love both of those bags :P But if you already have a speedy, the bowler sounds like a better choice because it will add more variety to your collection and you'll have something to wear if you're not wearing a color that goes with the LV monogram.
  5. bowler!
  6. Bowler definitely- you can enjoy it's current "it-bag" status and sophistocated styling, and the Manhattan will be around in the future.
  7. The Manhattan is very heavy and chunky.
  8. The bowler is hot!:yes:
  9. Bowler, bowler,bowler- buy it!
  10. i would go for the bowler....
  11. wow i think we are all on the same vote - bowler!
  12. I personally prefer leather bags without logos all over, I vote for Bowler.
  13. Hands down... the Bowler! I love Chanel and that one is one of my fave designs.
  14. Bowler for sure, no question. Such a gorgeous bag.
  15. I like the GM better but with the buckles and all, you'd be better off with the bowler.
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