LV Manhattan GM or Aureila GM white?

  1. I love BOTH, but I have a TON of the regular monogram already...I tried both on..and I think I liked the MC Aureila the most! But, I am afraid that the MC will rub soon does that happen???
  2. as much as i love MC, I like the manhattan GM more cuz it's so eye-catching. I think the aurelia GM looks too much like a BH and also I don't like the 2 vertical vachetta straps in front..... just my opinion
  3. Manhattan GM! I love mine.
  4. I like the Aurelia..the strap on the Manhattan is kind of a pain to get into all the time..that was the deterrent for me.
  5. Although I love MC, I'm not a huge fan of the Aurelia... but as you already have enough (if that's possible, lol) Mono and you seem to like the Aurelia better, I'd say get it!
    I own two MC bags and no problems w/ rubbing off so far :yes:
  6. yea! I LOVE the aurelia it TOO flashy?
  7. aureilla MC
  8. I like the aureilla.
  9. Definately the Aureila GM :yes:
  10. I would choose the Aureila GM! I have it in white and it's a wonderful bag. Holds everything under the sun and looks chic :yes:. I haven't had any problems with the screenprint rubbing off on any of my older multicolore bags yet, but I do tend to baby my bags a bit. They're both great bags though so congrats for whichever you choose :yahoo:.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Manhattan! though you mention you already have many monos, but Manhattan is a statement bag. Aureila is great, but it will help if you can show a pix w/it on you? I personally does not 'click' w/the bag, but perhaps you can rock w/o problem!
  13. I have the manhattan gm but want an aurelia. Its not too flashy. Its a great, spacious bag and I can't wait to get one.

    Get the aurelia!!
  14. Manhattan GM!
  15. its a horrible pic of me, but I think it looks awesome on! is it TOO big? to use as an everyday bag? someone said it looks like a diaper bag:hysteric: :wtf: