LV Manhattan Bag on Celebrities

  1. I love LV but I just don't get the idea behind the 'Manhattan' model - I don't like those front pockets closed by the metallic fasteners. Some celebrities, btw, seem to like it. Jessica Simpson has been recently seen with a GM model, the same carried by Selma Blair. What do you think of it? Do you like it or do you think it is just a waste of Monogram Canvas? ;)
    Selma & Nicole.jpg 2479.jpg
  2. i love the manhattan style.....i think the koala-close front pockets add an element of fun to a classic shape/monogram and update the bag to keep LV interesting........i also think that the bag is universally flattering (it looks equally good on someone my age or someone my mother's age) and practical :love::P
  3. I love love love the Manhattan GM!
    manhattan gm cameron diaz.jpg manhattan gm uma thurman.jpg manhattan gm sarah jessica parker 2.jpg
  4. I like it, its suits jessica simpson, maybe the strap round the bag would get on my nerves if I was shopping.
  5. In this case, you could choose the PM model, without strap (it is the one advertised by Uma Thurman in the s/s 2005 campaign).

  6. I prefer the PM model to the GM one.
  7. I like both! I think the hardware makes it more glamorous.
  8. Actually its one of my favorite purse from Louis Vuitton. The closures on the pockets make it really classy and sophisticated imo.:biggrin:
  9. I have this bag and I love it...its really gorgeous in real life...lovely bag.
  10. I think it gives it some punch. I love this bag....and so many others.
  11. It's basically the Venetia with LV monogrammed leather.
    I guess Marc was out of ideas. ;)
  12. I liked it until i saw the vachetta on the straps changed in 3 different tones of brown because of all the buckle, and loop holes that the strap goes through......
  13. I leave my strap out so that this won't happen.:P
  14. i think it's cute!:love:
  15. I really like it too! It looks really cute when people are spotted with it... I might have to try it out in the store next time. I'm itching for a new LV