LV Malesherbes trouble with pocket stickiness


    Hi! I purchased this Epi Malesherbes and received it yesterday. Everything is AOk as I posted it on "authenticate this LV". However when I opened up the zipper pocket, it was encrusted in this black sticky goo. I then realized when I got a flashlight on it, the inner leather of the pocket seems to be somewhat deteriorating. I've since heard this sometimes happens with the older EPI bags. What to do?:confused1::sweatdrop:
  2. The only way is to get the lining replaced.:sad: I just read her description...very interesting... Lined in black cowhide leather, extremely clean, inside and outside. Inside is a zipper pocket and a slit pocket. There is a little wear to note at the bottom of the inside zipper pocket only, no stickiness. There is a brass Louis Vuitton incised turn knob closure on the front in excellent working order.
  3. Eek, it's a good thing you told her about the pocket. I wonder how many times she has relisted it, maybe when she first listed it, it wasn't sticky?
    Not sure.
  4. She emailed me and said she would pay $75 toward having the pocket replaced. I am willing to have it replaced, but I bet it's huge $$$. Any advice?

    PS Certainly she knew about the pocket. Along with the silica packet she had placed in the pocket, she also stuffed the pocket with tissue. I receive purses with the body stuffed with tissue, but stuffing the pocket? Pleeez!