LV Makes the Front Page of WSJ

  1. There was an intersting article on the front page of today's Wall Street Journal about changes LV is making in its handbag production process. The gist of the article was that management consultants have been brought in to improve the efficiency of the LV workshops so that there will be fewer shortages of "IT" bags and supply can better keep up with demand. Definitely worth reading if you have the chance. I tried to provide a link, but online it is subscription only.
  2. Oooh interesting.

    Although, isn't part of the allure of the "IT" bag the exclusiveness ?
  3. very sister and i were just discussing the production of lv bags. thanks for posting it!
  4. Super interesting. The WSJ has had several articles about handbags. One about fakes and fendi too.
  5. very interesting article. It is good that defects have gone down, as has production time. I only worry about the craftsmanship overall
  6. Thanks for posting. It looks like LV will eventually be mass producing its bags, and once again, the bottom line is money. I thought the individual craftmanship and the limited availability was what made LV special. Eventually LV will be "a dime a dozen" and anyone can get any bag at any time. I do hope I am wrong on this one.
  7. wow i was just about to post'm worried that qualities will go down as machine are not as good as handmade...LV seems to be one of the first to execute this method while the others are still thinking about it...I'm happy though that LV is the most profitable out of LVMH...Gucci on the other hand is turning to consumer support group ... seems like they're running out of ideas...
  8. one other thing...the fact that this article makes the front page is interesting because they usually cover this sort of thing on Marketplace section of WSJ or the P section...I just hope that LV won't be's a shame...
  9. This worries me actually! I like the idea of LIMITED items and the quality of the bags. I hope this doesn't cheapen the LV brand.
  10. the whole reason i like purchaseing lv and lv limited editions is knowing that ever person is not going to have my bag. also the craftsmanship.
  11. Agreed. If everyone could have it then it would mean nothing. But I also think this is specific to not bags for which the quantity does not meet the demand. :wlae:

    I think the way one could read it is : well if everyone could have it, then it's worth "less". Actually, it's far from that and is a big whopping "no". The bag will retain its price and value and LV is good about either keeping to the price or raising it, never dropping it. :wlae:

    If they had a surplus, they would just resell it internally or destroy them, not drop the prices to overcome the surplus. High Fashion can overcome the demand and supply model on one end in that it need not have to sell itself short to get back that surplus, at least when you're LV and the #1 fashion house in the world to date. :yes:

    Basically, if you want that rare Stephen Mono, it'll be there for you to buy it, whether you're in NYC or in a rinky-dinky mid-west town. They just want to sell more. :yes:

    Hermès overcomes this by the build-to-order model, kinda like DELL. But I think all the PF-ers here would be a bit piffed if we would have to wait to get our Speedy 30's via made-to-order, lol :hysteric:
  12. Hmmm, sounds like they just want to be able to make more bags faster to get more money. I hope they don't forget that an LV bag should be special, not something churned out like a K-Mart production line.:confused1:
  13. I think this wouldn't effect lines such as Groom or Perfo since there is a cap on those on how many will be made, I think they are smart enough to make a clear distinction on Limited Editions and Permanent products such as a Monogram Lock-it...this is a good thing, since it's alreayd permanent why not it faster to get..
  14. Interesting. How do you know all this?