LV makes me so happy!

  1. This weekend I saw someone in a restaurant with a Bagnitolles Horizontal and it made me so happy. I kept looking at it and looking at her and just smiling. I had my Mandarin Epi Noe with Groom Ronde attached and put it out so she could see, but she didn't notice. A few weeks ago, I went to pick up Chinese food and had my framboise zippy as a clutch, the girl at the Chinese food counter was sooo happy! She said she had never seen anyone use that color LV before and that she had bought a piece of Vernis 5 years ago and was completely due for another one...

    LV is all about love and happiness.... It's a really good thing!:heart:
  2. I agree. Initially I was really upset with the price increases...but after seeing people's collections and how happy they were showing off their new LV, I can't help but be happy for them. I'm still not going to buy my next bag directly from the boutique, but the increase doesn't seem so bad anymore. And I really do think I'm lucky to have some LVs and to be a part of the handbag community. Everybody is so nice and we get to share our love for LV!
  3. Oh I think your framboise zippy would be stunning for sure...oh I love the zippy wallet.
  4. I am always happy when I see someone with an LV when I go out. I feel like when we see each other's bags we can just smile and wink at each other!
  5. Me too! I love seeing others with LV. Seeing different levels of patina and how greaat the bags look on everyone. You see their bag, they see yours and then you smile. :smile:
  6. I love it when I see people out with their LV's because it's like we're in our own exclusive club (but only people with REAL Lv's are allowed in!)lol..the other day I saw an older woman with a vintage Speedy was sooooooooooooo beautiful! She had this really nice patina on it and her husband was carrying it for her..
  7. Seeing real LV makes me happy too!! :smile:
  8. Seeing LV always makes me wanna dance! :party:
  9. Thats cute that you put it out for her to see! :P :lol:
  10. pinkarat, that is a FABULOUS bag in your avatar... looks like a long black MC alma! I'm in love with THAT!
  11. For sure! Especially if I see someone wearing my lust-after bags...ohhh...I just feel like going over and giving them a :kiss:. But I do think LV stirs up a lot of different emotions in us - when I see fakes on the street, I get all:mad:, when I see badly treated LVs, I feel :crybaby:.
  12. I love seeing people with their LV's - I was admiring this gorgeous white suhali Friday night and pointed it out to my mom too, who drooled as well! :roflmfao:
  13. I don't see ANY LV where I live but I love spotting LV's when I go to the city.
    It's so good to see people with old, "well lived in" LV's that you can see they've had for years.
  14. Yep. I agree slayer, can't wait for mine to get like that, guess that's why we pay the price. I bought a bunch of bags this year, cause I thought, what if I don't have 20 years left on the planet!? I need to start enjoying them now, and wearing them and living them... Using LV just simply makes things better...
  15. I saw a lady in TJ Maxx yesterday with a real one - we both looked at each other and laughed and I told her how nice it was to see another real one. It's like a little club!