LV makes me blue...

  1. group.jpg group2.jpg epimm.jpg
  2. I also have 3 non LV blue bags just to round this post out. :P
  3. Nice PICS!:love:
  4. Wow, I love your blue speedy :love:
  5. I really like the black MC scarf on the myrtille speedy! It looks awesome!

    And the blue Mat Fowler is SO TDF...
  6. Love the blue!
  7. i love the blue epi, it is so sophisticated looking
  8. :nuts: Nice 'blue' collection you've got there!;)
  9. The speedy is killing me!!
  10. Awwww they are all so gorgeous!!!

    Congrats on your blue family mas2388!!!
  11. That's one awesome blue family:flowers:

  12. Mas, I was never interested in the Mat Fowler until your pic. :love: Can you model it for us? You already know that I'm a sucker for small shoulder bags. Pretty, please? ;)
  13. GORGEOUS! I have been craving for something in blue too ... I'm thinking about calling 866 about indigo vernis ... :biggrin: LOVE THEM ALL though!
  14. nice! i have a thing for WHITE bags :lol:

    AND YOU HAVE THE NAVY TST JOSEPHINE PM THAT I WANT :crybaby:!!! i've been hunting tooth and nail for it ever since i lost it on eBay :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  15. I got mine from Ebay too 2 years ago! It was actually my very first LV bag purchase on Ebay! In such beautiful condition too! I still remember the seller I got it from...I think she was an ALVA member. LOL!

    I always want to buy white bags but I never end up getting them...I think I get scared and I never know how to match them though I'm sure they go with everything!

    So far I can only remember your beautiful L'epanoui! I have to look at your showcase again for the other white ones.