LV makes everything!!

  1. yea this has been posted a few times. they even have a soccer ball. >.<
  2. sorry!
  3. $3500 for a helmet? :confused1:
  4. But where are the matching elbow and knee pads? :roflmfao:
  5. That'd look so chic with one of those old-time classic scooters :smile:
  6. that's what i was thinking!
  7. Cute.. sort of! lol
  8. Can you imagine falling off your bike and that $3.5k helmet carving against asphalt!? :wtf:

    The idea gives me chills; it's like... "Oh, don't worry about my broken legs and shattered pelvis - my helmet!!"
  9. loves it! thanks for posting.
  10. LOL! I can't imagine even wearing that. I'd carry it around like a purse.
  11. That has been on eBay for a very long time. I wonder why no one wants it?
  12. Maybe because it is a helmet. A helmet that costs $3,500.
  13. True! It kind of reminds me of the Louis Vuitton trunk that was made for a small birthday cake. It's to die for and looks stunning, but just not needed. :shame: