LV Mailings

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  1. Did anyone get the one with the CD rom showcasing S/S 06? Its given me a new appreciation for the fringe. There are some effin cute shoes too! I'm putting that poster that was included up in my room and getting on some waitlists:nuts: :lol:
  2. Didn't get this one. Would like to though. ;)
  3. How do you get these mailings? I have my address on file with Elux but I never get anything.
  4. Blah. I'd assume I'd be getting one too. I haven't gotten it yet. The last thing I got was the shoe catalog.
  5. I came to understand that you'd receive these mailings after spending a certain amount at Louis Vuitton. Not sure what the amount is though. The elux stuff is separate..they usually just send clothing catalogs etc. Occasionally some LV stuff.
  6. I've never received them from LV but receive them from Gucci? I KNOW I've spent a lot more at LV than Gucci too! hmph!
  7. I thought LV started sending catalogues once you reached the $10k mark? :amuse:
  8. ^^^:lol: They must be sending out a LOT then, its so easy to reach that mark in there! :love:
  9. just get your SA to send you the cd.
  10. I guess I need to buy more LV bags to receive one :sad2:
  11. I am a fairly new collector but I received some things from eluxury, nothing from Vuitton, but I will call my SA in the morning and ask him to send me one. Can you request for your Sa to send you a mailing?
  12. Noriko would you happen to know the price of the new metallic speedy?
  13. OH ok that makes sense, do the SAs keep track somehow? Last time I spent over $1,000 and the SA never asked my name, and I paid cash.

  14. ^^^No, I wish I did though! :biggrin: I actually went in today to get on a waitlist but my SA said I'm way ahead of them and they dont even have a list yet :lol: I'm going to get on it ASAP though, its beautiful!!!!!
  15. GORGEOUS! did you happen to see the gold?:love: