LV mahina XL and monogram clutch ^^

  1. Hello everyone !!!:smile:
    Just want to share few pics of my lastest purchase, i am so in love with LV lately ^^:heart:
  2. Congrats!!! Very NICE :drool:
  3. WOW ! Congrats !!

    They look lovely.
  4. ^^ Thanks alot !! I love them !!
    Thanks alot :yahoo: !!
  5. Wow. Love the clutch!
  6. oooooo congrats and I love the j12...
  7. Yay! I should start a club for us.

    How tall are you btw?
  8. ^^ I am ~ 5'2";)
  9. Gorgeous!!!
  10. Thought so - it's amazing how different this bag looks on different heights. I thought it would be too much for a shorter person, but it looks really good on you! I like the outfits, too.
  11. Thanks alot ^^!!:heart:
    I think the size of this bag almost same with the Chanel coco cabas ^^ - the large one, i am really love BIG BAgs hehe ^^
    Thanks again !!
  12. Congrats both purchases:heart:
  13. Supercute :yes: Best use of both bags, so far - as voted by me.