LV Mahina, more info. needed

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  1. I thought I was done with LV for a while......until I saw Mahina in person.

    Anyway, I saw the post saying there will be Denim Mahina coming out. Is this Black Denim, or Blue Denim? Does anyone have some pics and price? Is LV making more Mahina style in different materials in future??

    For those who have Mahina Gris, is color similar to Suhali White or it's more grey?? I've only seen Black not sure. SA told me Gris is just like Suhali White(creamy white), but I don't really trust him:nogood:

    Thanks in advance!
  2. LV website has the Mahina in Denim on, both in black and blue. The gris is more gray than white if compare with Suhali in white. Hope this help a bit.
  3. Thank you Miss Piggy! I just saw the pics of denim mahina....I'm not impressed at all....
  4. EmilyK has the Mahina XL in gris. I got to try it on yday. It is a stunning bag and I am now totally obsessed with it. The color is more like a winter white. I don't even like white bags but this one is stunning. I wanted to knock her out and steal her bag. LOL
  5. I think it is a lot darker than the suhali white as I tried on the XXL in gris and it is different to my suhali white bags. My SA also informed me that the mahina will be produced in other materials too (this is apart from the denim ones).
  6. ^^^^Wow! That would be great for me. I wonder what other materials...
  7. actually Mahina is the leather line and the XL is the model of the bag....and yup there's an XL in denim....

    Mahina XL in gris is a little darker than suhali white, but brighter than suhali person i think it looks really nice and huge too!! :smile:
  8. Checkout the Mahina Amelia Wallet too. Beautiful!

  9. this is an interesting info, i cannot think of any existing lines other than mini lin that is soft enough for the style.

    lets hope they reproduce the bag in purple leather.
  10. Go for the BLACK Mahina XL or BLACK Denim XL!!! lol

    So ya, there are two denim versions for the XL size, one in blue and one in black. I am very excited about the black one and MUST go see it soon this week in person. lol However there's no XXL size in denim.

    Mahina gris is a LITTTTTLE bit more greyish than the Suhali white imo, but they're basically about the same. I only recommended the black cuz the grey one has contrast stitching which *I* don't really like.
  11. Thanks store mgr just called me they are holding Mahina XL Black for me to see......I guess I really like leather ones, not denim. Why does my taste get more expensive as I get older????!!!

  12. Aren't we all :shame:
  13. oh plz post pix! I am debating Gris or Noir, Suhali Verone was not what i expected to be......
  14. Good for you I got a call yesterday for the grey/white color wasn't sure if I want this bag but its so cute

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  15. My understanding too is that the black & white are limited...whereas the denim ones will be around for a couple seasons!