LV Mahina leather Sevres bag? To get or not?

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  1. What are your thoughts on the LV Sevres Mahina leather bag? I'm considering it to be my next purchase. It'll be my first Mahina leather as I do own the Damier canvas styles. Just wanted to gather people's thoughts on the feel, wear and tear and concerns. Much Aloha for your input :angel:
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  3. Love it ! It's under the radar, luxurious. BUT the closing system seems to be the same as the Stresa, which many people here considered as being a real pain in the arse when it comes to putting things in and out the bag. So you should definitely try it in store before purchasing. I'm so happy LV did not discontinue this line ! I'm tired to see canvas bags everywhere I go. This one brings a real twist to the monogram pattern
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  4. I really like it. Subdued but classic.
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  5. I love it. It's a beautiful bag. It feels soft and luxurious. As for wear I'm not sure, I don't own any of that type of leather.
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  6. Oh thank you for your input on the clasp! That's right! I could see it as being a pain... hmmmm, I wonder if it would look odd to just keep it unclasped and tucked inside the bag? I will definitely try it on for size when it comes into the boutique. I'm currently on the wait list. Thank you Witsenhausen!!!:idea:
  7. Hi Summergirl1:smile:...yes, the leather is super soft and that's why I wanted it. That buttery leather is so dreamy...thank you for your thoughts!
  8. Hi LilMissCutie:biggrin:...I do love that it is subdued, I'm debating whether to go black or taupe? Can't wait to try it on when it comes in. I'm currently on the wait list. Thank you for your thoughts!

  9. I like the taupe. The Mahina leather is very durable. I have a Lv noir mahina xxl hobo. Don't use it anymore but it's still in brand new shape.

    Would definitely recommend. I've had the bag for 6 years now.
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  10. Wow, 6 years? That's awesome, so good to know that it'll last me a long time. Especially at this price point, I want to make sure I get a good one. I had a bad experience with an Empriente Montaigne with the wax melting off the handles, just yucky!!!
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  11. This is a gorgeous bag! I love it :smile:
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  12. Thank you everyone for your thoughts!!! I'm so excited, I got my first Mahina leather bag today. :heart::heart::nuts::heart::heart:
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  13. Congrats please post pic when you have a chance. My SA sent me a pic of the new Babylon chain bb and I am really thinking about buying it. I think my leather bags are my favorite
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  14. Here's my new :heart::nuts::heart:love!!! Eeeeehhhh!!!! :yahoo:I'm intoxicated by the new leather smell, I didn't even take the plastic off the metal clasp yet either:love:... I ended up going with the classic noir, since I'll make more use of it and not worry about it getting dirty. Plus, it's very classy looking from business to going out to dinner wear. Of course I had to add my epi purse charm to give it my personal touch:panic:

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  15. Hi Lvalentine:wave:
    The babylon BB is super cute!!! The chain is short and sassy, and the cross body strap is very comfy as well. I posted a pic of my new love:love:... If you get yours, you will love it too! Keep me posted and post a pic "when" you get yours...heh...heh:drinks: