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  1. Went into LV today and was chatting generally with the SA about the lack of choice with bags in the Damier Azur - asked her about the Damier Azur/Neverful rumour (she had no idea about that one) and then she said...................

    "But did you know you can get any bag made up in the line you want"

    WHAT! :wtf:

    She explained, I could "order" say any Monogram style (for example) and ask for it to be made in Damier Azur!

    The cost would be 50% than the standard option.

    I was definately standing in LV and not in a dark alleyway!

    Has anyone done this?????
  2. I've special ordered a bag before but there are restrictions on special orders.

    Here are a few:
    You can't special order bags in Multicolore pattern, and I doubt they would let you special order bags in Damier Azure (at least not yet). Also, LV won't let you special order accessory items. There are several threads regarding special orders that you can search for more info.....
  3. It's not strictly possible you can request the special order but there are restrictions it's up to Paris to decide.
    One of the basic restrictions is you can not special order something in a material that is discontinued or been out less than 1-2 years so at the moment Azur is too new
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.