LV made in USA ;o)

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  1. Hello :cool:

    Sorry first because so many threads I really do not know where I could put my ask :smile: ; of course TIA for removing it if necessary.

    My question is :

    I just saw on the French E shop a looping ; I saw what it was "made In USA" with a strange "L"

    All my things are "made in France" so I suppose the same for USA? :smile:
  2. Do you have a picture? I'm not sure what you mean by a strange 'L'. If it's for the stamping (such as 'Louis Vuitton Paris') then it should be the same regardless of where the item was made.
  3. Yes I have but I really do not know how to post the link of this bag hahahahah . But on my items brand New my L is not like the L of this bag looping . And I saw that the I of In is on majuscule not like my items. For me it is a fake.
  4. Need to find how to post the link etc tonight . :smile: