LV - made in US, made in there a difference?

  1. So far, all my pieces are made in France. (I bought 2 pcs in Singapore, and 2 in Spain)

    Is there ANY difference between the same models (say, a Speedy 30) made in France and made in the US?

    Just wondering because...well, I'm obsessed... :P
  2. No.. except that the tab that says where it's made is different !

    Some people prefer say, made in France to others, but when it comes down to it, a Louis Vuitton is a Louis Vuitton where ever it may have come from !
  3. No difference. DH asked our SA to try to find a made in France Speedy for me. Hopefully she will be able to locate one. If not, it's not that important...I just kinda wanted my Speedy to be from France. :amuse:
  4. There shouldn't be a difference in quality.
    I had 2 mc pochettes one was made in France the other was in US. I did notice the vachetta on the france pochette was lighter in color.
    Aside from that, it was pretty much identical.
  5. Maybe because I love Paris and the French language so much, I make sure all my LV stuff are made in France, which is why I never buy Monogram from ELux as u never know what you will get, so I fork out the extra NY 8.375% tax just to make sure my SA find me one that is made in France ! My colleague went all the way to the Paris LV store to buy an LV Made in USA wallet, and he was ok with it, everyone is different.