LV made in the USA

  1. Hi guys,

    Today when I spoke with the sales agent via phone I asked in it would say made in France. Apparently it will say made in the USA because the factory is in California for Noth America. THe is a tiny possibility it could say made in Spain in the USA did not produce enough. Ogggg!!!! I love the USA but, I am from Canada and really wanted the Made in France but, unfortunately they send you what is in stock from the USA. Anyone else a little bit disappointed? It is better than Coaches Made in China that is for sure. Coach is an American company afterall. LV has highly trained french people making them in California my SA reassured me. Made in the USA it is...I will just be so thrilled to own 2 authentic LV pieces especially after being tricked on ebay and getting a fake LV. I thought an LV slightly used was a little too good to be true. New authentic LV...I am excited and will post pics soon.
  3. I ordered my first two at the same time from elux (I know elux doesn't ship to Canada...) and I got a mixed bag, no pun intended. My Speedy was made in USA and my Saleya was made in France! :shrugs:
  4. Made in the USA bags are quite common Gucci...but I know the obsession with getting a France bag. before joining the forum I had no clue about bags being made in the USA...and then to my delight I discovered my first LV purchase was a France bag....I also have Spain & USA pieces.
    I just bought a mini lin cles and it was a France piece.
    If you go to the store you can sometimes request that they look in their back room for a France piece!
  5. If you call 1-866-vuitton you can chat with an SA. When I asked if my items coming from MLT would say made in France I was told that they will say made in the USA because the USA produces the LV for North America. It is very unlikely that it will say made in France unless someone coming from France decides to do an exchange etc... Hence the post to see if most people are getting LV's that say made in the USA.
  6. Well here is my experience (all items purchased in USA)
    Lodge MC PM: Made in France
    Mono speedy: made in USA
    Mono wallet: Made in USA
    Cerise speedy: made in France
    cerise cles: France
    cerise pochette: France
    cherry blossom pochettes: I think they were all Spain
    graffiti pochettes: I'm pretty sure all were france
    Mini lin cles: France
    Damier speedy: Spain
    My BIL's passport holder: Spain

    I know I'm forgetting pieces....but so far only 2 of mine are made in USA.
  7. Huh, I am in the US and I bought my Baggy PM and Damier Tango from a local LV boutique, they were made in France and Spain respectively. I bought my Epi Speedy from elux, and it was made in France. I certainly do not think that all items sold in North America are made in the USA, but I would also guess that they don't export bags made in the USA to France. :nuts:
  8. Every bag I bought from LV, except for my Mandarin Speedy & Damier make up Trousse, was made in France. I purchased every bag except my Mandarin Speedy & Trousse from LV at South Coast Plaza. The mandarin & Damier Trousse was bought at LV in the Wynn.
  9. are some Papillons made in USA?
  10. Adding that my Mono Pochette is also USA.

    Made in France
    Damier Manosque GM
    Damier Manosque PM
    Damier Illovo PM
    Damier Make-Up Trousse
    Epi Speedy 25
    Epi Speedy 30
    Mono Deauville
    Mono Wapity
    3 other, *ahem*hypothetical bags

    Made in USA
    Mono Alma
    Mono Pochette
  11. I believe someone had posted once about certain lines being made specifically in certain countries.
  12. Today I ordered the mono speedy 30 and the pouchette (mono) assecoire and the SA told me that they are made in the USA because I am in North America. Basically I was told that if I wanted these to items to say made in France I would have to buy them in Europe or get a return from someone who purchased in Europe and exchanged here. I did not ask about any other bags than what I purchased but, assumed if I buy in North America it will say made in the USA unless it is a special limited edition line.
  13. Im from the philippines and I asked the sa why the lvs were priced lower in elux than the lv store here. She told me that it may be because the bags sold there are made in the usa while the ones here are all made in france. I asked her if there was a difference and she said that theres none since the workers were also highly trained but most of the buyers here are very particular about where the bags were made and they prefer bags made in france.
  14. I think the SA was mistaken, I & other members buy from LV here in North America & we all have bags from France & Spain.
  15. yes, mine is made in usa.. i got it from elux years ago.. my speedy is made in france and my pochette accesoire also... IMO,i don't care, it's just the same;) I'm from philippines also sharon, and it's just taxes are way higher here, elux and Lv from hk, taiwan are same price... unlike here it's like $100++ more...