LV made in India?

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  1. Oh, maybe I can get myself a "Made in India" speedy!
  2. uh. if thats true.. goodbye eluxury!
    im most DEFINITELY hand selecting my bags at the boutique.
    no offence.. but YUCK. saying made in india as as good as saying made in china...
    lower wage workers= lower quality!

    sorry for being so mean.. but i just cant believe it..
  3. Beg to disagree. Workers are workers and their degree of skill does not depend on the country they come from. If production standards are kept, the country of manufacture should not be an issue.
  4. I guess LV is following other designer labels foot steps..I don't like it..
  5. bvbidrygirl~i know you are concern about QC of made in China/India products, but it's an inevitable trend, every company is having a plant in China. I can't recall was it BMW or Mercedez have a plant there too, but business do whatever it takes to max. profit. Even w/Made in France, Spain, USA, LV STILL have defects.
  6. my first thought was - lower wage workers= unfair rights :shrugs:

    that's one of the reasons why i prefer the real to faux because i always assumed since made in france/ spain meant no unfair labour compared to china but maybe i am wrong? lower wage workers means i will have to try to find another brand :s

  7. ITA with you betseylover. I would not have a problem with another factory in another country but the "temptation" of exploiting cheap labor is just too great for any company to overcome.
  8. honestly, is anyone going to stop purchasing LV stuff now? :shrugs:
  9. I think it depends on the outsourcing partner, and their labor standards. Sri Lanka, for example, has export processing zones where items are manufactured for export. The outsourcing partners have to adhere to international labour laws in such cases.

    As for lower wages, yes, the lower wages are with respect to their European counterparts. But then, a University Professor in Sri Lanka who has a Ph.D from Cambridge or Harvard University earns a grand salary of US$ 250 per month.
  10. aye carumba!!! :nuts:
  11. for me it's more the fact that more factories in more countries = less exclusive/luxurious. i can understand the overexposure do to fakes. but when everyone and their mom has an authentic LV yet none of the tags say the same thing.. what's the draw. of course quality, but you can get some major nice quality bags for less than LV prices. bleh. it's disappointing.

  12. This is a disappointment. Some how I cannot see the lower wage workers in India taking the same pride or having the same craftsmanship experise within their jobs so the quality may suffer. When Coach outsourced to China, the quality went to **** in a handbasket, esp. with the stitching and seams. Not cool!!!!!!!
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