LV....made in - how about the for discussion...

  1. WOW- I appologize - the thread topic should read: LV...made in - how about this for discussion... - SORRY!!!

    I have read different threads about people being upset that their LV was made in the USA -most people seem to get offended if his/her LV isn't made in France.

    Well, as you know I just rec'd my Keepall 55 and here I am with just the opposite feeling....

    I thought seeing that I bought it from ELUXURY that it would be Made in USA like my BH...well, it wasn't it was Made in France - how strange that I feel this way?

    Guess it's b/c people see "Made in France" -and they might automatically assume my "authentic" is a fake, I don't know?

    Has anyone else felt this way before?

    Guess I am just proud to be American and I enjoy products made here in the U.S.A.!!!!!

    I am werid, I know! HA! HA!

    ..LVoe to hear your thoughts!!!
  2. Congrats on your keepall! I def. think it's a bonus if something is made in France in terms of lv collectors and how they feel about it being from the country where it all started. Personally I don't really care if my bag is made in USA or France, at this point I see so many made in USA that I'm used to it. Both my elux speedies are made in USA and my used speedy that I used to have was also USA so that seems normal and comfortable for me. I only have one France piece and that's my damier baby pap. So for me I like USA and feel used to it, it's the norm for me and I hate change in general, lol. But in terms of resale or just the 'special' factor of an lv item I believe France is more preferable, so rejoice in your good fortune of getting a French one!

  3. Thanks for your honest opinion, I can so see where you are coming from! Thanks for sharing!!!
  4. I really don't care for where my bags are made! lol! As long as I love it! I have things made from France, Spain, and the USA! I will be lying if I say I didn't like my bags that say made in france, I like it, but I don't make a fuss about it. lol! Sorry, but sometimes I do get really irritated when I se that threads about where the bag was made! loL! That is why i don't answer them! loL! But each person has different taste!
  5. It doesn't really bother me if my items are made in USA, Spain or Italy or France, but it IS an added bonus if it is from France though.
  6. I prefer my items to be from France or Spain. I do have a couple from the USA, but I think it should be less money if it is made in North America, considering they didn't have to pay to get the item shipped over seas, they just put it on a truck and delivered it. Like I said, I like France and Spain better, but I have a few items from the USA, I feel when they are from the USA they are made for the weather here, I know that really makes no sense, but that is just how I feel!
  7. personally i don't really care for my LV's.. but it is nice to have one once in a while made in France. However, my linens all should come from Italy, all my bath linens from Turkey, my Japanese car should be made in Japan (studies/polls have shown the Honda's that were made in US or Mexico/Canada tend to be more problematic than those made in Japan), and the like. When it comes to housegoods and necessities, then I'm very picky. Furniture should be made in the US, not china.. clothing I really don't care for, etc etc. But LV? Anywhere is fine! I would rather have a lil bit from each country if anything.. to make it kind of a fun collection! :smile:
  8. I could care a less where my stuff is made. I am not going to be a PICKY customer asking if it was made in France and then have them show the tag that reads" Made in Paris" and I have to argue with them... not worth my time, all I care about is getting what I love, enjoying my experience at the store, enjoying my new product(s), and keeping up my status there.

    I really just care that its real lol. I am sure one of my pieces is not made in Paris, and it doesn't mean I don't love it as much as the one that is made in Paris... it just was born else where lol no big deal! im a great dad and I love my kids! HAHA
  9. It doesn't bother me as much now that it's made in USA. However, I still prefer made in France. It doesn't bother me as much now that it's made in USA. However, I still prefer made in France.
  10. Ha ha ha Matt... :p

    I only have stuff made in France and Spain. I have no preference either... just as long as it's real! :biggrin:
  11. I don't care where mine is made either. I have both USA and France. I actually would like a Spain only b/c I don't have one.
  12. I had once read that the monogram canvas "made in france" ones, over years would turn a slight greenish color and some people preferred this.

    USA or France doesnt really matter to me..if its says France cool...and if it says USA, like you said, proud to be an american!!!
  13. doesn't matter either way, as long as it's REAL...
  14. As I already said a few times before... I really don't care. I love all LV's as long as they are real. :idea:
  15. I doesn't bother me where it was made. All my bags are from the US... and all my accessories are from both Spain and France