LV - Made in France

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  1. I think I've read on tFS how there's a preference for LV bags "Made in France" rather than Spain or the US. Is it hard to get a France bag in the US?

    I'm completely new to LV, just bought my cerise sac plat last night at LV, I just looked and saw it says "made in france." Just curious if I should be "EXTRA" excited about the purchase, lol. :lol:
  2. The majority of the bags say "Made In France." I've never seen one with anything else although I know they exist.
  3. I have a Batignolles Horizontal, a Speedy 30 and a Petit Bucket, all purchased from the LV boutique and all "Made in USA."
  4. Yes. Vuitton items are manufactured in "U.S.A.", Italy, France, and Spain. My Abbesses messenger was made in Spain, as is my Suhali pouchette cles, but my other items are made in France. I heard a bizarre myth somewhere that the vachetta used on bags made in the USA tend to not patina as much as those made in France... sounds rather odd.
  5. my lv speedy is made in france... but i totally freaked out when my comestics pouch thingy said made in spain... i was like saying to SA, "why does it say spain?" and then she told me that france, spain and usa are the real deal... :nuts: i guess it should feel more special - after all it was made in FRANCE!!!!! :love:
  6. I don't mind it's Made in USA, I think many of the LVs here are made in USA.
  7. Bags made in Italy are usually for the special lines.. such as the damier sauvage.

    My pochette and MC cles were made in spain, and they seem fine ? No breaking here !
  8. Out of all my LV bags, most of them are made in France, I think one or two are made in USA and business card holder is made in Spain. I don't mind!:biggrin:
  9. I know it sounds silly, but I'd prefer for my LV to be made in France. After all, that's it's country of origin! Just my own little quirk, I know it doesn't matter. At the time of purchase, I never thought about it, but I did get a Made in France bag anyway.
  10. I never even thought twice about this. So, I went to look at my LV. Most of the items are made in France. I can't even find the stamp on my papillon (but then I originally couldn't find the serial number when I first bought it - and I even called the SA from my hotel ...I was in Vegas..and asked where it was.

    My wallet is from USA, and checkbook is Spain. Oh long as I myself bought them from the boutique, I don't mind.
  11. My speedy 30 and saumur are made in france
    my epi agenda and framboise cles are both made in spain
    my sa told me most of the smaller items are made in spain.
    I love them all no matter what!:love:
  12. When I went in to buy the papillon 30, I noticed all the ones that the SA brought out for me were made in USA. So I asked for one made in France and she got kind of snotty and replied "I don't think we have any left... all the papillons are made in USA now because we have a factory here." I counter "if you can go back and find one made in France then I'll buy it, otherwise I'm not going to get it!" Sure enough, 5 min later she showed up with one made in France and told me that it was my "lucky" day. :suspiciou Sometimes you just got to play hardball with them...

    I prefer mine made in France because of the idea that it actually came oversea to finally get into my hand. :smile:
  13. That's rather snotty of the SA, I mean, if you want a certain kind of bag and you're willing to pay for it, what's stopping them from selling it to you ? :Push:
  14. HAHA, my purse was made in the USA
    And everything else was made in France.
    I never would have looked before.
  15. I actually think LV SAs are the snottiest people I've ever encountered. My mom wants her LVs made in France because that's the country of origin. She doesn't want USA or Spain. When she told the SA this, the SA replied with, we can only take 3 bags out of the room for one customer and I'm not going in there just to look for one made in France. They're all the same. We have factories. Very rude!