LV Macy's Herald Square

  1. Just curious if anyone knows the answer to this question...
    I do all my LV shopping at Macy's Herald Square in NYC..does anyone know if they ever have any special LV events/parties? I've never been invited to any and I feel as if I spend enough at that location..but maybe not enough.
  2. I'm sorry but I don't know the sure answer to your question Diva Divina... I tend to think that being invited to those parties is a combination of what you spend as well as your how good your relationship is with your SA or the store manager.

    By the way, can you tell me if we can use a Macy's CC for LV at the Macy stores that sell LV? I apologize if this question has been asked and answered... Lastly, would you happen to have the phone number to the LV Macys Herald Square? Thanks. :smile:
  3. I like this LV store
  4. I've been a regular customer with LV for about 10+ years now, and I still haven't recieved a VIP gift or an invite to an event. I think the "problem" I have is that I've moved around quite a bit and I travel alot, so I've never built a strong relationship with a single SA. At the moment I've lived close to London for a couple of years, so I've got a SA that knows my name at one of the boutiques there. She calls me when new stuff comes in, if I request it, but she doesen't give me stuff or invite me to store parties.

    I have a friend that has shopped at one boutique for like 10 years, and she's had the same SA for about six years now. She always gets invited to stuff and she gets Christmas cards and VIP gifts too. She doesen't spend half as much as I do, but she has a close relationship with her boutique/SA.

    Anyway, sorry for point is that I think your relatioship with the SA/boutique is the key, it's not really about what you spend.
  5. yes you can use your macys CC to purchase LV from macy*s herald square. the only thing is that none of the discounts apply to it. the number to the store is on the louisvuitton website but here it is 2124943166
  6. I shop at the Macy*s Herald Sq. store, as well as SoHo, and have often too asked myself if the Macy*s store has any special events (b/c I wanna go!)
  7. I think the problem is more with Macy's than your spending . I know the lv boutiques and Neiman Marcus host more events for lv vips than Macy's .
    when i go to rodeo, i plan to use the same Sa I have used twice before....
  9. hmmm, stay with the sa, for sure.

    is it too much to *ask* when the next event will be?
  10. I also go to the Macy's Herald Square location occasionally, I've spent a fair amount there - but I don't think there's any special events.
  11. There is also a Macy's in Oak Brook, Illinois - if that helps at all for a Macy's to contact.
  12. I am assuming CC is credit card, so yes, you can use your credit card at the LV department at Macy's Herald Square.
  13. Yes, but I think they are referring to being able to charge using your Macy's cc - but I don't know for sure...b/c you can already use you CC at LV.
  14. yep you can use your macys charge for lv at this location. they will do a charge send if you do a phone order but your shipping and billing must match
  15. I don't think they do special events at LVs that are in other stores likes Macys, Saks, NM, etc. From what I gather LV rents the spaces in the dept stores. Most of the spaces they rent are really small and couldn't accomodate a lot of people anyway. I am pretty sure it is only the actual free standing boutiques, i.e. LV 5th ave store, that have events.