LV luvas...vachetta, patina, pipping?????????????

  1. Dear friends,

    I realize that vachetta, patina and pipping have been discussed a million times over.

    But can someone please define them. I read many postings that discuss the Vachetta, Pipping and Patina, yet I cannot be entirely sure as the what exactly they are.

    I have gone as far as lookinh them up in the dictionary, yet I am still confused.

    What exactly is the Patina, vachetta and pipping on our beloved bags?

    Some refer to the patina as the leather, whereas others indicate that it is the handles, and not the leather.

    For once and for all, what are: patina, vachetta and pipping.
  2. vachetta is a natural untreated cowhide leather, used for usually handles and piping (which is the small circular trim on the seams of a bag). patina is the natural process that the vachetta goes through, which turns the vachetta from a whitish color to a honeyish brown. The patina is caused from sunlight and natural oils (from hands etc...) im not an expert at all but thats some info
  3. Patina is the natural oxidizing of the leather which changes the color/hue of the white new leather to the honey/golden brown that LV is famous for.

    Vachetta is the type of leather used on most monogram pieces. This is the leather that can patina. (For example, the damier line does not have the vachetta leather)

    Piping is just the leather trim on the seaming of the bags
  4. Thanks, that is very helpful. But, you mean to tell me that people actually apply treatment to their monogram canvases and handles? And that is how tanning occurs?

  5. Thanks Bags4me, this link is extremely helpful. I completely understand.

    I was just very confused, especially while reading the many postings on this issue.

    Moreover, thanks for not chopping my head of as this topic has been explored so many times previously.
  6. Tanning occurs naturally, over time and with use. LV suggests not using any kind of products on their bags, although some folks use different treatments to "speed up" the patina process.

    I personally, love all the stages of patina (from brand new white to dark & deep) and don't use anything.
  7. I actually put my new LV in the sun to tan the vachetta. I also use a leather conditioner and a protectant spray to render it resistant to oils from hands, water and dirt.
  8. No problem, I'm also new to vachetta and patina topics, I have more Epi bags and just one mono with vachetta leather straps and this link helped me a bunch.;)
  9. I remember the first time I read about patina and vachetta.:confused1: I had to get my dictionary.:P
  10. Please tell me what you use to protect the handles from your hands- Is it appleguard? Thanks.
  11. ^^^ I applied Appleguard on the handles and it works wonderfully.
  12. I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that, I have been afraid to use my bag - but I have appleguard and so I will go for it!!! Thank you.
  13. On my speedy, I use a scarf tied around the handles so my hands are never in direct contact with the handles. I have scarves in many different colors, so I color coordinate them with my clothing for the day.:supacool: