LV Lumineuse or Chanel WOC? Need help!

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  1. Yes I know it sounds like a crazy comparison, but fact is I'm in love with both the Lumi and the Chanel woc.
    And if money wasn't an issue I would get both. But unfortunately it is, so I have to choose.

    I have found both in a good preloved condition at a good price.

    I have both medium size sloutchy bags as well as evening bags in my collection right now, so its not like I need one more than the other.

    So if any of you guys know both bags or maybe even have them both.
    Which one would you choose and if you have them both, which one do you get the most use out of?

    I am totally confused and am changing my mind every 5 minutes 😁
  2. I could be really biased here and say go with the Lumi (being the LV thread and all) but the better question would be which bag would suit your lifestyle the best? Do you have a well-established purse collection and if so what type of designers and styles do you favour? What colours and materials? If you already have a couple of Chanels then a LV would add some diversity and vice versa.
  3. Thats correct.
    Right now I dont own any Chanels. I have an empreinte Speedy 25 and a NF.
    I could really use both even though they are really different.

    Both models and styles are 100% my taste and I am a hands free kind of person so that wouldnt be a problem with any of them either.
    Its so tricky.

    I would really like a Chanel bag and I thought that a woc would be a good "intro" 😊
    But have always wanted a Lumi and debated between that and the Speedy for a long time.

    Its kind of a tie here 😁

    And I guess that most LV people will say: go for the Lumi, but figured that the woc is so popular that a lot on here have them too 😊
  4. Which one are you more drawn to?

    For me, I'd chose the Lumi. I'm personally not a huge fan of Chanel, and I find their bags not really functional for an everyday bag. That's me though. I prefer a bag I can use everyday. I'm fairly simple, jeans, T's, and flip flop kinda girl. I think Chanel is too 'desssy'. But, this isn't about what I want. Lol...

    Think on it a few days and go with the one that makes your heart sing.
  5. Given the situation I would have vote for the Chanel; you don't currently have any despite wanting one (adds diversity), it fits your lifestyle, and they hold their value (and shape) very well. Worst case scenario is you go with the WOC, find that it doesn't work for you, and then wait for a price increase before selling and using the proceeds to fund something else...but at least you won't keep wondering "what if?".
  6. I would buy the Chanel ! I owned a Lumineuse and I found it way to heavy so I sold mine ! If heavy doesn't bother you I loved the that it could be worn different ways ! It was a beautiful bag ! It also had lots of room ...
  7. Having a WOC and several Chanel bags, I'd say buy the Lumi--a WOC only works if you carry next to nothing-if you need to carry sunglasses or prescription glasses, forget it. It's an overpriced wallet-but if you don't need to carry your phone and glasses, have few keys, and only one lipstick, then WOC works.
  8. Thank you all so much for your honest thoughts.
    I have trawled Youtube for videos and it seems that people are absolutely loving the woc and that it fits more than you would think.
    But I was having some concerns about how much it fits, because I have an inhaler that I need to bring with me all the time. Seems like it would take up 30 % of the woc 😁

    I know about the weight of the empreinte leather and its ok for me as long as there is a shoulder strap.
  9. I love the Lumi, I've been using mine as an everyday bag...I really don't find it too heavy.....I don't have a woc to compare but only use smaller bags for errands...most of my smaller bags can fit a Sarah so I don't have to switch wallets, I'm not sure if a woc can....
  10. I love the lumi too and was considering it as I found it to be the perfect tote (because of the long strap), but I kept reading about the cracking issues that it has. Also all the preloved bags I found had cracking issues as well, so I decided against it and decided to go for the Totally mm. As for the chanel woc I purchased it, but sold it a few months later as I found the chain strap was too long for me (I'm 5'2). I decided to go with a chanel mini instead. Sorry, if I'm not much help but just thought I'd give you my opinion on these bags.
  11. This one hasn't cracked (yet) and seller says its like new, so its just a matter of making the decision between the two 🙈
  12. Def Lumi! Woc is way too small. I once had it and sold it right after. If you want to jump into the Chanel bandwagon get the mini or small flap / seasonal flap!
  13. Lumi !!!! Not a huge fan of Chanel
  14. Thanks for your input.
    Maybe you could also help me determine which color the Lumi Im considering buying is... I thought it looked like Terre but now Im thinking it might be Ombre.

    The seller is a pro reseller and they dont know, other than its brown. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1457128272.032949.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1457128284.271301.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1457128293.225046.jpg

  15. If I had unlimited resources I would get a medium flap in a second... Or a boy. Or maybe both 😝