Lv Luggage, Would U Recommend??

  1. Thinking about getting the Pegase 60. I have the keepall 60 with the strap. But do not know how it will hold up (the pegase). Also seems a "little" much to spend on luggage (1970.00) w/o tax. Since I am not using it all the time. We travel but not that much. But I do need luggage:confused1: Anyone who has this piece lmk how it holds up. I think that it could be considered a carry on (thats what it says on LV website). But I was thinking of taking the keepall as the carry on (so many decisions, lol). Then I would have to check the pegase, and you know how they throw luggage around, We are not going away until August. Hawaii and LA for about 12 days, Any opinions out there? thanks:idea:
  2. A Pegase/ Keepall 60 might be hard to use as a carryon- most airlines constrict carryons to 55 and under.
  3. I have taken the keepall on and not had a problem. But wondering about the trolley(pegasas).
  4. The Trolley Bosphore? A fellowe PF'er, Elle, owns one. :love:
  5. ^^ITA! That's a neat bag!
    1. Here is the description on elux. of the Pegase 60.
    [​IMG][​IMG]Louis VuittonPégase 60$1,950.00
    . The Pégase rolling suitcase brings international panache to on-the-ground practicality.
    • Monogram canvas with natural cowhide trim and golden hardware
    • Telescoping handle
    • Noiseless wheels
    • Lined interior holds a removable garment cover
    • Interior zipped pocket
    • Zip-around closure
    • Natural leather handles
    • 14.5" L x 22.5" H x 7.5" W (without handles)
  6. unless I was traveling by private jet, I would not use any LV luggage that needs to be checked and 'handled' by baggage handlers. Just think "Samsonite Gorilla" and that says it all.

  7. True- that's my opinion too
  8. I have the Trolley Bosphore, which is a bit smaller than the Pegase 60. I haven't used it I can't really help you on how LV luggage holds up :p I was told both of those can be used as a carry on, but you should still double check with your airline. :yes:
  9. Thanks for all your replys.
  10. i like the biggest carryon possible for lv luggage. at least that way you can keep an eye on it and keep damage control on lock.
  11. How with Sirius? There's Sirius 70, too :smile:
  12. I have a love-hate relationship with luggage. On one side, I love it because the pieces are so gorgeous but on the other side, it's annoying having luggage so expensive that you have to "guard" or worry about it all the time.

    Right now I have a keepall 55 that I use as a carry on, but I'm planning to get a pegase 60 at some point and then later MC keepalls, a sirius and a carry-on, simply because I love the look of the luggage. Of course, I will use it, but I have to have guts enough to use it as well :smile:
  13. My DH works for Delta & we fly a good bit & I gotta tell you, I buy the cheapest luggage I can get away with since I know how it's handled on the ramp.
    Mind you. I'm not faulting the ramp guys,it's just the nature of what they do.
    Never in a million years could I see myself letting an LV luggage piece go thru the baggage check-in.
    Lately, the planes are so crowded, we check luggage thru, for the comfort of all us sardines in the plane, we don't need to be dealing with big suitcases in the overhead bins.
    Just a thought.....
  14. I own the Pegase 60 in Damier..I love it..Its allowed as a carryon.....No regrets..Its super well made.