LV luggage inspired by Fashion Editor Lisa Armstrong is up for auction

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    To bid for the Ultimate Travel Bag:

    (Extra pictures extracted from Taiwan Apple News)


    transparent detachable toiletries kit for swift X-ray security navigation at airports when carrying liquids

    foldable jewellery kit

    cashmere blanket

    cosmetic pouch

    cashmere eyeshades

    laundry pouch

    everybody knows what this is!
  2. And more

    passport holder

    computer case

    cable case
  3. Thanks for the closeups! But I dont like how the LV "Plaque" is crooked on some items!
  4. the purple trim is HOTTTTTT!!! LV should add some trim like that in the future, it doesn't neccessarily have to be purple but it can be diff colors as well. i like it.
  5. I kinda like it too! Purple is my favorite color... never imagine this color would match the classic monogram :yes:
  6. Wow!! Love all the goodies inside -- they thought of everything! The see-through liquid bag, the cashmere blanket, the eyeshades--- you would most definately be travelling in style ! LV should sell these items-- I would pick them up before picking up the suitcases/luggage!!
  7. i like the jewelry envelope. very cute piece
  8. That is stunning!!! I would have to sell all my bags and maybe my car to get
    umm cashmere blanket....thats dreamy!!
  9. So chic!
  10. Love it!!! I love the purple trim with the mono!
  11. OMG!!!it's exactly what I need! :drool:
    not with the price though :p
  12. i like teh computer bag the most :girlsigh:
  13. omg!! i would get EVERYTHING if LV really did sell that!!!!!!
  14. You think that purple trim is a future epi colour?
  15. I love it! Maybe I should bid. How much do you think it will go for?