LV luggage, check it or carry it on board?

  1. I was reading some of the older posts, and seems like majority of the tPF memeber were NOT checking their LVs, and one of the most common reasons was fear of theft.

    But, with so many fakes floating around, do you think a thief or a sleazy baggage handler would know the real from the fake? Wouldn't they just assume it's fake simply because it's checked?

    I traveled to Shanghai for business last year. As I waited for my checked luggage, seemed like 75% of what came out on the conveyor belt were LVs, fake ones of course :roflmfao:.

    I would never check LV luggage because they might get damaged. But I think I would be protected from thieves by the sheer quantity of fakes, lol.
  2. no never assume carry it...
  3. I have the Damier 55 Keepall and I always carry it on. As a matter of fact, when the ban on carry-on liquids was still in effect, I didn't even use the bag at all since I knew I was going to have to check it.
  4. Are you kidding? Guard it with your life! Why tempt and invite theft? Furthermore, the LV bag will surely get dirty, if not damaged. How would you like your beloved LV bag get banged around with other dirty, old luggage? Unlike Samsonite luggage, LV bags are NOT made (designed) for check-in.
  5. Does anyone worry about getting it stolen from their hotel rooms? My cousin had a playstation handheld and it got stole along with a small tv she had in her hotel room when we went to Disneyland.
  6. I think the poster is asking about LV luggage, not bags. There is a difference and I would assume that since LV started out as a luggage company, their luggage pieces would be durable enough for checking in :idea:
  7. I tend to carry mine with me, because I don't trust the baggage handlers, but they're very well made, especially the older ones. So it's ironic, isn't it. They probably can withstand the rigors of checking, but you can't because of some thief working for the airline. And they do. Remember, they are not well paid.. .
  8. I'd never check in a LV piece.
  9. same as Kathy :smile:
  10. A friend of mine checks all his luggage, I tell him he has BALLS for doing so. He even has a $4.3k Alzer hard sided suitcase. it is def. made to last, but I worry about theft, I trust NO ONE!!!!
  11. My worry is more about the bag getting damaged or dirtied....and not dirty in the sense of smudges and normal wear and tear but dirty as in it gets stuck on the belt and the black rubber rubs and rubs on the canvas resulting in damage. I worked for AA for 6 years...I've seen what could happen to checked luggage. I rather have carry on LVs and check in the cheap luggage. Besides, everyday I am loving hardcase luggage more and more as the stuff you put inside doesn't get squished ;)
  12. When I was younger (we are talking middle school), I knew a girl who's family moved to Switzerland for a couple of years - they were loaded, well their daughter had a LV duffle and it was not real (although they could certainly afford the real thing, maybe b/c the girl was only middle school age at the time) ...regardless, this is SO BAD!! They were coming back from Switzerland to the US and the duffle got damaged - ripped, if memory serves me right...well, the airline replaced the FAKE with an authentic! Can you believe that, I was like - unbelievable!!!!
  13. Carry it on ONLY. I would be a nervous wreck worrying about my luggage while in flight.
  14. ^ Ita!!
  15. I only get luggage pieces that I can carry on...