LV luggage cases - WOW!

  1. This picture was taken by my DH in 2003 in UK airport. They are monogramed and have special strips on them! I hope to grab one and run immediately!
  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! what I wouldn't do for ONE of those!
  3. HOLY MOLEY! :wtf:
  4. wooooooow !!!!!! LMAO @ "I hope to grab one and run immediately"
  5. Holy cow! I wonder how much everything on that cart is worth.
  6. Wow!:wtf:
  7. They should've gotten a couple bigger ones.
  8. Where's KLS ? :yes:
  9. about to board a plane apparently LOL
  10. WOW, those are great, LOL @ the grab and run LOL
  11. Wow!!
  12. can only say this: :drool::drool::drool::drool:
  13. WOW! grab and run LOL..
  14. I wonder what is inside them... IMAGINEEEEEEEEE:smile:)))))))))))
  15. Wowie! :nuts:

    I would of asked my DH to take a picture of me next to them.

    They look absolutely stunning stacked up on eachother ... :drool: