LV Loyalists Unite!

  1. there have been a few similar threads lately of people falling out of love with LV. the question is, was it really love in the first place or mere infatuation? some cases they jump right at the deep end and build their collection at a very fast pace that they end up overwhelmed and "drowning". too much, too soon. then there are others who only have started buying LV, not even have a "collection" to speak of but suddenly grow tired of it. too little, too late. to these people, LV is just a flight of fancy, a passing fad.

    for a change, i'd love to hear from real LV loyalists - those who have been collecting and admiring all these years. those who understand the brand, appreciate its history and admire the workmanship. surely, we don't have to love every single item LV has produced. i must admit that there are some things i truly detest but it is not enough for me to hate LV altogether. true love knows how to overlook the mistakes.

    so, how about it guys? voice out your love for LV!!!!
  2. Okay --- I'll start with my LVOE of LV. I've only been collecting for about 19 months and in all that time, I have seriously grown to love the brand, the culture, the history, and the craftmanship. I enjoy spending time looking at my LVs, making up lists of what to buy next, and dreaming of my experiences of buying those things on my list. I enjoy going to the LV boutique and talking to my favorite SA. I don't think I'll ever fall out of LVOE for LV. LV has something for everyone and that is a good thing since we don't all have the same tastes.
  3. I've been intrigued by LV since I was a kid. I rememer seeing older women carrying Noes that were dark brown and patina'd. I got my first LV 8 years ago when I was 27 years old. It was a petite mono bucket. I thought it was such a classic piece. In the years that followed I'd buy 1-2 pieces a year to celebrate special events in my life. When I met my husband he also got me a few LVpieces--in fact, he bought me my first Speedy, a mono 25 for Xmas 3 years ago.

    8 years later I am still attracted to the classic styles but have added some denim and vernis pieces that are a little more trendy (compliments of TPF). I still have my Bucket Bag and have since added 30 plus pieces of LV. I have never and will never sell a bag because I buy styles that I like and which compliment my lifestyle and wardrobe.
  4. i've been into LV since i was 14 and now 6 years later... i'm still loving to brand and still buying lv items. i don't buy at a fast pace i buy when something really excites me, but i know i love lv for thier great quality and design, nothing else compares to me.
  5. I'm definitely in!
    My mom always had LV and I didn't get my first piece until I was 17 and in my senior year of high school for Valentine's Day (the mono pochette). Then, for graduation, I got the Fuchsia Vernis Lexington and for Christmas, the brown/pink CB pochette. After that, I started liking the larger bags as well and now that I've got most of the newer pieces I want, I'm having fun going back and getting the LE/LR pieces I missed out on!
    I may not like every piece that comes out, but who does? I will always love LV and all my pieces mean a lot to me, I could never get rid of any of them.
  6. Hmmm, trying to decide if I fall in this category, yes I think I qualify.

    I have been collecting LV for just over 25 years. Like other passions in my life, my collection grows and shrinks, as I decide which pieces I really love and which pieces were more infatuation.

    Other designers and brands have occasionally caught my attention, time and money. But even after thinking I had reached what many purse collectors consider the 'holy grail' a Hermes Birkin (or two), I realized Vuitton is more the brand for me.

    In the last year I have bought and added to collection quite a bit and even though I am ready to pare down my collection a bit, it is not out of desertion to the brand, rather as I said a realization of which pieces work for me and cleaning some room in my closet, and frankly in my life for more experimention.

    I know, there are some pieces are just perfect for me and will never go anywhere. And even though I must admit, there is nothing upcoming that I am longing for, that will change soon enough and something will come out that I can't live with out.
  7. I really admire LV! I try to only purchase items that truly peak my interest as opposed to items that are the current fad. I agree with deluxeduck that many people jump into collecting without necessarily loving the pieces that they are buying. For example, and not to offend anyone, if you have to ask for opinions of what to buy from the masses then you really don't love it. If I see something that I just can't be without I just buy it regardless of what anyone else thinks or says. I also, occasionally, stray onto other designers whilst always remaining loyal to LV. To me LV is timeless, modern and classic combined.
  8. Yippee! I am glad someone mentioned this... I think for me it is an infatuation. I started my collection Jan. 2006 with the purchase of a Monogram Excursion. Since then, I have built my collection to include Glace, Multicolour, Taiga, Damier, Utah, and most recently shoes. Louis Vuitton - as Groucho Marx once said, "I don't want to be part of a club that would have me as a member..." or was that Whoopi Goldberg? Anyways, I have fallen in LOVE and I dont plan on divorcing.
  9. I 'inherited' my love for LV from my mother. She gave me my first LV for my 15th b-day, 18 years ago and I still have the bag to this day. I do have other bags; however, LV was always my first choice. Although I am drawn to LE at times, I pretty much purchase whatever strikes my fancy - LE or NOT....
  10. I have always wanted an LV since I was a child ... (decades ago) and I was finally able to afford it with my own money 7 years ago. I have since added quite a few other pieces since then ... I don't necessarily like all the styles but I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    But the pieces I do love, I buy. I love the fact that LV never goes on sale and the fact that you won't find them in the outlet stores. Because then the value is always there ... and most of the time it goes up.

    And since I am very careful with my bags and accessories, I know that IF I had to sell them (God forbid) that I can sell them for almost what I paid for them. However I do no not intend to get rid of any of my prized possessions. I love them too much!

    I love the craftsmanship, the attention and detail they put into their products. Like they say "you get what you pay for" and I wholeheartedly believe that in LV.
  11. Hey, thanks for pretty much subtly describing me in this thread :p

    For me, an infatuation wouldn't even last a month, let alone a whole year. I've been through plenty of things that I'll just put aside after just a week of having it (my brand new PDA is an example).

    And yeah, I built my collection at a very fast pace, but I don't buy nearly as many LVs as some other members do on here...

    I still appreciate LVs' history and workmanship.

    Unlike some others who have totally sold off their collection to buy other designer purses, I've kept every single one of piece since becoming bored with LV and have continued using my pieces, appreciating all of them. I've thought of cutting my collection in half to fund my new addictions, but realized I'm not able to let go of any pieces.

    Edit: Ohhh anddd... if LV were to create a style that I'm totally into right now, I'd still be addicted to LV. Unfortunately, LV doesn't have a zip top leather bag that is semi-soft and is large enough for me to hold everything I need in the right price range. (Epi Passy GM was a candidate but regardless of how durable many say Epi is, it feels so stiff and I just feel that the leather could easily show scratches) Fortunately, Chanel has a solution :p
  12. What if someone is asking between Speedy 25/30?
    Durability of a bag? Capacity? Those are all asking for opinions and it doesn't necessarily mean that they're not in love with the bag.
  13. THANKS deluxeduck, for starting this thread !!!

    It is SOOOOOO refreshing to know there are die-hard fans of Louis Vuitton who have been loyal to this brand for some time.

    My personal history with this brand began when I received my very first Monogram Noé for my 18th birthday, 20 years ago. Since then, I have been a loyal follower of Louis Vuitton, and I have accumulated quite the library of Le Catalouges over time!!! Through the years, LV has remained my favorite brand, even though I also have some other (but not many) designer handbags. It has only been recently, I'd say in the past 5-7 years, I have noticed that LV has developed a different marketing strategy(probably due to MJ and some other influences)....that is, targeting more entry-level buyers with more disposable income, who are probably more the "fashion-following" type, vs. those who have long developed a true appreciation of the brand. This is probably why these buyers buy and then suddenly tire of the's costly and exhausting to keep up with the latest trends. When they tire of it, they move on to their next conquest.....another sought-out, trendy "designer du jour", as I call it....

    Perhaps it's because I was exposed to Vuitton at an early age, but I consider myself a true lover of Louis Vuitton, and I know that it will continue to be my favorite brand in the future....
  14. As a so called 'deserter', I just want to say that my lost desire to keep accumulating LV isn't based on disloyalty, or a case of temporary infatuation worn out, but simply a selfish desire for no more of it ;)
    I, as much as many people who frequent TPf, appreciate it's history and the crafting of these beautiful items. I've based all my purchases over the years not only on pieces I love, but also for an appreciation for the care taken to make them, the beauty of their materials and even the context of their designs/materials within Louis Vuitton's history and products.

    And my decision to not accumulate pieces for myself will in no way keep me from admiring new items in the future, hanging around these forums and certainly visiting my local boutiques for the purchase of gifts :nogood:;)
  15. hi Karman, im glad you didn't take much offence, but i wasn't singling you out. there have been other people in the same situation as you in the past. to me, infatuations can last a few days, months or even years. but they do end at one point. love for LV is for life :yes: i still sincerely DO hope you come back to the brown side soon. but for the mean time, don't be a stranger to the LV forum ;)