LV Lover's you must check out the Jan Harper's Bazaar

  1. on p. 65 there is a full color photo of the Monogram Aquarelle Speedy bag.
    It is silk screened white leather. The logo is in 17 colors which are freckled and smudged. The handles are made from hand painted karung snake. It will retail for $3,600.

    There is also an article on fakes!!!
  2. Thanks for the tip.
  3. Thanks for sharing :smile:
  4. oh yeah, i was going to get this one. i LOVE the louis... and the article on counterfeits
  5. Ohh.. Take a pic for us if u can.. Love to see..
  6. The purse is also on Allure Magazine in stands has Rhianna on the cover.
  7. the picture is also in Allure this month (prob jan as well). it's the one with rihanna on the cover
  8. here u go....:dothewave:

  9. Thanks for posting a pic of the article! :smile:
  10. awww it's beautiful!!!
  11. :drool: yum, yum! what a hot eye candy!
  12. Thanks for the pic.. But its so exp.. I still love my MC.
  13. Stunning!
  14. I got this issue just for these things lol. Quite an interesting issue.
  15. Thanks for the info.......I subscribe to this, but of course, my issue had missing pages !!!!!!!!!!!!!