LV Lovers Who Also Own Hermes - Need Your Feedback


Sep 19, 2006

I need some feedback from LVs fans here who also own Hermes.

I bought my first LV 10 years ago and I have been very devoted to LV in the past few years. I have not bought any other bag other than LVs in the last 4 years. Between LV wallets and bags, I currently have about 30 pieces. I love LV and will continue to do so. I am also at the point where I am very content with my collection. 1/3 of my collection are LEs, I also own items from the Mono, Mat, Multicolor, Damier Ebene, Damier Graphite, Vernis, Epi and Suhali lines.

I don't really care about other brands out there because I love LV. I've been to Hermes a few times and their signature Kelly and Birkin bags do not do anything to me. Well, it was until a few days ago when I saw their So Kelly bag for the first time and I love it. Well, the bag is arond $7K.

So, my question is, should I save up and don't buy any LV for a year or so and go for the Go Kelly? $7K is a lot to spend on a bag and I am sure many LV fans here would tell me to spend the $7K on a few LVs instead of one Hermes. I agree, I can get a few LVs for $7K but as mentioned, I am also very content with my collection at the moment. I also need feedback on the quality on Hermes. If I do go for the Hermes, it would be my only Hermes as nothing else from Hermes or any other brand speaks to me as much as LV.

Thanks for reading my post, I know I can count on my TPF family here. I can't ask my hubby this question because he will not be able to relate.


dreaming of spring
Sep 27, 2010
I asked a similar question a while back because I have about 9K allocated for bags and i got a response of about half and half. However, there are tons of LV bags on my wishlist. If I was content with my collection, and LOVED this bag, then ABSOLUTELY save up and buy it. I am sure LV will forgive you for cheating :smile:


Obsessed and in LoVe
Feb 9, 2010
United Kingdom
I agree. I think if you're totally happy with your LV collection and you really like this Hermès bag, you should buy it. Once you have that, it sounds like you'll be content with your entire bag collection!
Jun 9, 2010

$7K is a lot to spend on a bag and I am sure many LV fans here would tell me to spend the $7K on a few LVs instead of one Hermes. I agree, I can get a few LVs for $7K but as mentioned, I am also very content with my collection at the moment.
I think you've already answered to your question..
you're LV-content now.. so if you really like the Kelly ( is TDF, tbh!!!)
GOGOGOGOGOGO for that!!!! I don't see nothing wrong with that!!
I love both LV and Balenciaga.. I could not pick just one.. because they're soooo different! Balenciaga bags are more like rock'n'roll eheheh I'd wear them everywhere and they come in sooo many colors it's just funny to change (:
But still I could never give up on LV, especially on damier ebene pieces :heart:33
So if you're sort of done with LV for once, then go Hermes!!


Oct 20, 2007
Buy what you want... I like the So Kelly. It's on my short Hermes list. I'm pretty sure it's 6K...but once it's that much, who cares?! There are also 2 sizes in case you haven't researched much yet.

I still love my main designers but I can't commit to just one...only emphasize....LV for a few years, then Chanel....but will buy whatever designer really resonates with me here and there.


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Dec 28, 2007
If the SO Kelly is making your heart sing and its available then get it, the thing with H is sometimes you um an ah about their products until they are gone and then its a mission to track them down, (I've done this countless times lol!!) Also they have price increases which makes postponing pieces rather expensive :biggrin:


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Jun 5, 2009
Like many have said here, you are very content with your LV collection and the So Kelly is calling you. I would totally save up for it. As far as the quality, i do not personally own one, but have seen many and have gone a few times to an Hermes store and they seem extremely exquisite. They are all handmade and they feel super luxurious. I am sure you won't regret buying an Hermes handbag. Good luck and have fun looking around for your perfect So Kelly :smile:


Sep 19, 2006
Thanks everyone for the feedback, I greatly appreciate it. I am still undecided. I think I may just save up for Hermes and hope that I can resist not getting any LV for a year.


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May 11, 2009
I would get the Hermes since you are quite content with your LV collection and have a number of pieces to rotate, etc. but I know it's a big deal to spend that much on just ONE bag. I feel that way towards a 3K bag what more 7K! So I know how you feel :smile:


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Jul 9, 2008
Detroit, Michigan
If thats what you want and spending 7k on a purse is cool than get it. I have 1 Hermes handbag evelyne (2750)and a big silver bracelet. I will not buy any more hermes bags and am watching what lv bag I buy. I just dont want to spend that much on handbags anymore.

You have to do what you feel good about. take care


Aug 27, 2010
Get the Hermes! LV is my #1 but I do own a couple of Birkin bags and need a few more and a croc piece to complete my Hermes collection :smile:


Sep 27, 2008
Pittsburgh, PA
I say if you really like it, go for it. Personally, I prefer LV. I do own one birkin and one bolide bag and although the leather is amazing, I still find my LV bags to be more stylish. Good Luck deciding:smile: