LV Lovers - when do you buy new and when do you buy preloved?

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  1. Aside from the obvious reason of the bag has been discontinued.

  2. I buy preloved when it’s an item I don’t want to stress about, and don’t care that it has been used and broken in. My keepall is preloved and I’m glad it is that way, because it’s luggage and it’s going to get used and show wear.
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  3. I buy preloved because unfortunately I've seen so many replicas in my area that I don't want to spend top dollar anymore. Never seen replicas here in the non canvas, though.
  4. I agree about buying preloved for bags you don’t want to baby. I would get a bag like the Noe or a Keepall preloved. I would be way too paranoid about the vachetta and wouldn’t enjoy the bag.
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  5. I buy more on occasion than I do based on the bag. I have a lot of discontinued LV from my mom's collection that she let me keep, but I do have a new LV that I got when I graduated. It's only a Speedy B, but this was such an important occasion to me and my parents that I got it new rather than pre-owned.

    So it's more based on what I'm eyeing at the moment, the amount of funds available, and the occasion I can use as an excuse to splurge, rather than deciding to get it pre-owned because it's a certain type of bag :smile:
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  6. For me, it's a combination of a number of factors, but generally speaking, if it's a bag that I plan to use a lot, I'll buy new. If I can get a great deal, if there is a particular reason I like an older/pre-loved version of the bag, if there are issues with availability, or if it's a bag I want buy don't see myself using often, I go pre-loved.

    I got my DA new model pochette accessories preloved both because I got it for less than retail in great condition and because it is so hard to find one new these days anyway. It's one I would have gotten new, but availability is such an issue with this one that I jumped on it when I found it at such a good price. I got my mono speedy 30 pre-loved because I really wanted that particular bag to be vintage, and I don't particularly care for the new puffy chaps and stitching on the chaps of the current speedys. I also got it for a great deal in great condition. My DA speedy b 35 was also prevloved - in part, because of the chaps again but also because while I wanted it, I wasn't sure it was a bag I'd be using all the time and thus, didn't want to pay retail price for it. I also have a much older preloved epi piece - the episode croisette, I think it's called? It was my first LV ever purchased over a decade ago, and at the time, spending even the preloved price was already so crazy to me that I never even considered buying it new.

    I got both my mono neverfull GM and DA neverfull MM new because I knew both would be used often. I also really wanted both with the pouch, and there are really not that many great deals to be had on the neverfulls since so many people sell the pouch separately.

    I am considering a noe, and if I get it, I will definitely go preloved because I know amazing deals can be had on it and because I'm not actually sure it will be a bag I use too often.
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  7. I have usually bought new bags through the year but I have nothing against Preowned if I could find it in excellent condition. I bought a like new Speedy 40 2-3 months ago and it looked like new to me. I feel some of the vintage bags have been made much better than the ones today.

    Also some bags are discontinued so the only way to buy is Preowned. I personally like the older Montsouris backpack versus the new style which to me really took corners to make it look a bit cheap in the design without the leather but a high price tag.

    I know some people while never buy preloved while others would never buy new for the $$$.
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  8. With the amount of super fakes I basically don’t buy pre loved.

    The reputed sites like fashionphile charge sometimes more than new for standard non-seasonal items. For example right now on FP I saw a eclipse PO for $375 and it’s $350 new. Not to mention seasonal items/prices ... preloved is more gauging then new!

    In my opinion it’s better to buy new with an SA and overtime be hopefully guaranteed access to seasonals and runways at store prices vs the insane pre loved/reseller market.
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  9. I go pre loved only on discontinued items that I really want but had to be in new or excellent condition.
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  10. I buy preloved every chance I get because it cost less money. That’s my bottom line on handbags. I own 4 preloved LV’s. All but 1 looked new upon buying. The savings help me buy my new slg’s.

    Also I have taken financial hits on selling bags that I purchased new. I’ve yet to take a financial loss when reselling a bag I bought preloved.
  11. I agree with this... I never buy pre-loved. the savings is not really there, IMO. I don't like the idea of someone else's energy, scratches and pen marks. New guarentees authenticity and ability to return/exchange....
  12. Years ago I bought preLoved because I couldn’t afford the price tag of a new LV bag.
  13. I tend to agree. I can see buying a pre-loved in certain circumstances, but I'm generally too anal-retentive to want someone else's touch.
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  14. For the past several years I have received new bags and SLGs on my birthday, anniversary, Christmas, etc. I have purchased preloved as well. I wanted to see if I liked the speedy 30 so I purchased preloved. I fell in love with that bag and had all the vachetta replaced. I love the quality of that bag! I just purchased a preloved petit noe in fabulous condition at about half the cost of new. I tried to buy new on that bag but I got tired of it being out of stock. I actually love this petit noe's patina (5 yrs old) and the price! So basically if someone else is paying I'll get new! If I'm buying, I try to look for great condition preloved. ;)
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  15. First I thought I would never buy preloved, but the price on a new LV bag is :shocked::shocked:. So I tried it. I bought a popincourt in great condition and I was happy. But there was an odd smell and it bothered me. Next I bought the Speedy Mirage, also discontinued, and there was also a strange smell. For some reason I wanted next a Speedy 40 with dark, old Vachetta (even though I only like new, light Vachetta!) . And this bag also smells!

    Finally I can say: If a strange smell you not bothers, buy preloved. And I also think, buying non Vachetta pieces like damier ebene is good to buy preloved too.

    PS: In the moment I`m waiting for a preloved Eva Clutch in damier ebene. I´m curious if it smells too :sick:!!!