LV lovers, what is your second love?

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  1. Do you have one?

    I have been lusting after a purple (violette) Balenciaga bag lately, but I haven't gotten into anything else in an "insane" way....what about you?
  2. I'm insane over sunglasses. I have 3 pairs of Oliver Peoples, 2 Tom Fords, and 1 pair of Rock and Republic. I think sunglasses are fun. I'd like to get a pair of LV Gina glasses next.
  3. a hermes HAC:love:
  4. I love Prada Nylon. And buying small trinkets for different brands. And SHOES (:
  5. I am nuts over sunglasses too.
    I have 2 pairs of LV, 8 pairs of Cartiers and 4 pairs of Oakleys.
    I am anxiously waiting for the Confidence to be released.
  6. im a gucci lover and sunglasses!!! ohh sunglasses
  7. LV first....then a little gucci and prada and MJ
  8. Shoes!!! :heart::love:
    Jewelry and lately I have been buying lots of jeans..
  9. -Jeans
    -Chanel and LV Shoes
    -TOKIDOKI!! EEeeeee!!!
    -Sunglasses (esp Tom Ford and Chanel)
  10. hermes ostrich kelly
  11. my 2nd love was balenciaga for awhile but i'm angry w/ them for my fading steel first after a month.. lol. so I'm all about LV right now :smile:
  12. LV bags first, but I do have a passion for winter scarves. I have two Burberrys, a Juicy, several Coach scarves and I am lusting for an LV wool scarf.
  13. Hmmm.... let's see. Designer jeans, at one time I had over 50 pairs (SFAM, true religion, rock & republic, william rast, etc. etc.). I have had to sell some off!

    I also LOVE Marc by Marc Jacobs stuff.... clothing and bags. They are well made and affordable.

    Oh, and SHOES.....
  14. i love sungalsses toooo!! 3 chanels, 2 guccis, 1 prada, 1 juicy couture, 1 marc jacobs!! so far and many more to come, as long as they fit my face, if lv sunglasses didn't hit my cheeks i'd be all over it. and i like classic gucci purses, the ones that don't go on sale lol and besides designer stuff i've been a blythe collector for many years.
  15. jeans!

    but i foresee a hello kitty addiction when i go to japan.