LV lovers, what do you like to use in the evening?

Yeah the Aumoniere is gorgeous but super hard to open. I tried out all 3 styles they had and you just about put dents in your thumbs trying to get them open.
Anyway, like most others, I use one of my pochettes..lately it's been the gold Miroir one.

Hahaha. I know. :lol:

As for evening bags I would use my Trompe L'Oeil Pochette, Suede Theda PM or McKenna Shine bag.
I usually take my damier ribera mini or mini mono ellipse. When the sophie comes to the states, that cutey will make the perfect evening clutch too.
i just got back from the mall, and went looking for a small bag that I wouldn't lose. The mini pochette is a great size! And stays on the shoulder under the arm REALLY well! I think this will be my next purchase! It's between that and the mini speedy hl. but that is rather childlike next to the mini pochette, and they seem to hold about the same amount. I always thought I wanted the Mini Speedy too. Guess not so much.

on the down side, my store knows -jack- about the 2007 line. or so they say. they say they don't have the book yet and to call back in 2 or 3 weeks. my sa wasn't in and no one else there is as good as him.
i use my bronze vernis lexington or my mini pochette accessoires in mono or damier
but, i don't often use LV for evening bc i have some vintage clutches i love to use instead
Funny enough I don't use LV for evening. I'll use a croco red clutch or Whiting and Davis silver clutch...something along those lines. Sounds like the mini pouchette with that chain strap might not be a bad idea though!