LV lovers, what do you like to use in the evening?

  1. Of course an LV pochette is nice for casual-ish going out (although a bit ubiquitous), but what do you use for a formal evening bag, say at a black tie dinner? It seems to me that LV doesn't really make anything appropriate so I figured I would get some ideas from you ladies- since we all love LV maybe we have similar taste in other bags as well :yes:

  2. Epi pochettes, multicolor pochette, or vernis pochette is what I use at night.
  3. Good question, I don't think I've used an LV for a formal occation yet, but I plan to as I just bought a white MC Shirley from a friend :wlae: and I have yet to use my Spring Street.
  4. The bags from the new satin line would be perfect for evening.


  5. have you seen the (i think it is new) black mini-lin looking papillion? i don't know its name, its in a case in the boca lv, and is GORGEOUS!

    I was having the same dilemma last night, what to carry, I had nothing! Oddly enough. For a very formal, all black outfit, cocktail party and dinner at a senators home, what the heck to carry? I went with an old leather clutch, but really wished I had something NICE. After all, how often do you really get to dress up like that? I kinda like it!
  6. This fall I attended a black tie affair with work, we had a private viewing of a russian symphony @ Carnegie Hall.......I wore a Max Mara silk dress in a beige/pink color and my noisette vernis pochette was perfect with it, I love vernis for evening bags, the new red will be beautiful to wear with black!
  7. miroir pochette!
  8. i use my white Multicolore Shirley or Pochette Marelle. i wanted the Satin Aumoniere, but it was very difficult to open :sad:
  9. I carry my Mat Fowler for evening bag wear. The sophie is gonna be a nice evening bag especially since it has the gold chain.
  10. Grrrr you just beat me at making the *exact* same suggestions again LOL
  11. ah, the mini pochette WOULD be a good idea....hmmmm.
  12. I rarely attend black tie, but for going out to a nice dinner I use my Sonatine - it's my special occasion bag...
  13. i use my epi honfleur; it's great as a clutch or a shoulder bag.
  14. Yeah the Aumoniere is gorgeous but super hard to open. I tried out all 3 styles they had and you just about put dents in your thumbs trying to get them open.
    Anyway, like most others, I use one of my pochettes..lately it's been the gold Miroir one.
  15. I don't THINK it's's from the satin line...which was available a few years ago. It came in red and black, I think.

    I think the Miroir Pochettes are suitable for evening occasions (I've used mine twice for that purpose) as well as the Aumonieres that ayla suggested...those are beautiful!! :tender: